Anna Corinna bags?

  1. I really want that bag too in the purple. Next time I'm in Boston I'm going to check it out.
  2. I have the mini city tote in brass. There was a thread on this. I love the bag style, but the craftmanship is not very good. The inside linings of the pockets frayed and is fraying, and some of the stitching is uneven. I had two different ones, so it wasn't just a defective bag. I don't think I would pay the price for another Anna Corinna bag.
  3. Well THAT sucks. It's such a cool bag too.:oh:
  4. I just got the mini city tote in plum. Here are some pics.
    ac.jpg ac1.jpg ac2.jpg ac3.jpg
  5. I own an AC lady duffle... I agree that the quality is a little iffy... it's definitely from an indie designer level.... but I still love my bag. No fraying.. just a few uneven stitches here and there.
  6. I own the large size City tote in Butterscotch. I love this bag!! The leather looks very vintage, and I get tons of compliments on it each time I use it. Perfect for carrying all my schtuffff.

    I know Neiman Marcus has started carrying Anna Corinna. And, since you are in New York, go to Foley + Corinna to see the bag IRL.

    Foley + Corinna
    114 Stanton Street

    I really don't see any uneven stitching or fraying on mine and I have been carrying it everyday since June - If you do purchase one and have a problem, I would return it. I had to return mine because it had faulty hardware and they sent me a brand new bag.
  7. I agree about the poor workmanship. Loved the style of the mini city tote but finally returned it after considering the price vs. the cheapness of the lining, etc.
  8. I am debating on getting one in tobacco or black. Is the quality similar to Botkier?
  9. Thanks everyone. I think I will head over to NM to check them out.

    And thanks for posting the photos zeitgeist4, very very cute!!!
  10. No. Botkier is much better quality, hence the price difference.
  11. hello fabulous gals - if you go to anthropologie right now they are selling the lady duffle for $278 in tobacco & white pearl :smile: i'm getting it in tobacco!
  12. I have been so intrigued with Foley + Corinna bags esp the their City tote. Misslola thanks for feedback.
  13. I have the AC City in Butterscotch and as many people on here know I LOVE IT!! It is a fantastic bag and I love how you can wear it more than one way. They are fantastic and durable. I would suggest that everyone add it to their wishlists, they are great!
  14. They are made in USA, correct?