Anna Corinna bag 50% off at

  1. I noticed that had an Anna Corinna bag on sale for a little over 50% off.

    I'm not a purse expert by any means, but I noticed that there are several independent (e.g. Lauren Merkin, Rapp & Posavek) designer bags on their webpage, some of which aren't attributed to the designer. I'm guessing that those designers must be doing a special limited run specifically for Anthropologie...?
  2. anthropologie is just really spotty about attributing their products. sometimes they'll name the maker, sometimes they won't. it goes for all their products, not just handbags.
  3. ITA. There are a couple of Anna Corinna, Frye, and I saw one Hayden-Harnett bag. Didn't look through all the purse details. There are some good deals though. At the Anthro store, the sale bags always look pretty worn out or scratched up. Has anyone purchased bags on sale from the website?
  4. No, the bags are available on other sites. Anthro doesn't list the designers every time because they usually charge more and never have coupon codes. If they listed the designer, everyone could just find it elsewhere and buy for less money.