Anna Corinna anyone?

  1. Does anyone have any strong feelings about Anna Corinna? I thought the city totes felt a little flimsy. But, I am coveting the jet-setter tote...
  2. I think the jet setter tote looks very classy. I don't own one, but I tried one on at the store. Unlike, the city tote (the regular sized ones), the shoulder strap on here was shorter, and it did change the "look" of the bag for me. The black leather on both were gorgeous.

    I would suggest trying one on in a store, or at least purchasing from a place with a good return policy. The jetsetter was just a little different from what I was expecting (drop length, the way it stuck out a little from my body, shape, etc.).
  3. Yes, I am planning on doing that this weekend! I saw someone with a city tote in grey, but it was loaded with stuff and felt like the straps were under too much strain...I am graduate student and I do on occasion have to cart around a load of books. Is there no way to do this and not carry an ugly backpack!
  4. I literally just bought the jet setter jr. yesterday - specifically to carry my laptop (a massive 17 inch widescrren 8.r lb monster) and files and a book or 2. It is perfect, the straps seem to keep the weight of my shoulder. It's even comfortable to hand carry, it doesn't drag to low to the ground and the weight is evenly distributed. I highly recommend it. I may go back for more colors!!!!!
  5. Love the City tote, hope to get one in my hot grubby lil' hands one day.
  6. My Jet Setter Jr JUST arrived today from Active endeavors (at 25% off)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Black it, looks like great qualoty, was planning to carry on my arm more than shoulder
  7. sounds great! I can't wait to get my hands on one! If it holds a laptop and 2 books, thats brilliant.
    Thanks to all who replied!
    How does one get 25% off at Active Endeavors?
  8. I love the city tote as is a great bag...I hope to own one soon as well...hopefully for X-Mas!!

    beautiful bags !
  9. You may want to go to the Deals and Steals section and do a search...there is also a new customer 30% off from revolve clothing too and I believe they sell Anna Corinna too...
  10. I have the mini city tote and don't find it flimsy...I just think the leather is really smooshy and supple which I love. But I do highly recommend AC, I'd like to get a Jet Setter Jr maybe next year.
  11. I also bought the Jetsetter Jr to carry my laptop. great bag. if you didn't find the code yet, try apologies for the 25% from Active Endeavors.
  12. I got it 25% off using luckybreaks3 at
  13. I don't have one yet, but the red Jetsetter Jr. will be my next handbag purchase. I just saw her in another thread and I'm in loooooove :love:
  14. The black Jetsetter Jr at Revolve Clothing is $367! go get it! :yahoo:
  15. I bought a Jet setter Jr. last week, can't wait to get it!!!

    BTW, DCWINK is good for 30% off at WINKNYC