Anna Corinna and Bulga - websites?

  1. Does anyone think it's weird that both Anna Corinna and Bulga don't have their own website? I wanted to write to each of these companies but couldn't find any contact info for either. Does anyone know how either company can be reached? TIA!
  2. Aggh! Thanks DG! I feel so stupid! I searched high and low for Bulga a couple days ago on Google and came up with nothing. I put it in just now and sure enough, it comes up. Now, if you can do that with AC, I'll be really impressed. :lol:
  3. Well...I don't have a site for AC; I am wondering if there is a larger parent company that owns that brand? Do their bags come with tags that might identify contact information? Sorry no help on this one..
  4. I do love a challenge. Anna Corinna co-owns this company and a good starting point is
    114 Stanton Street, NYC
  5. Wow. You're quite the sleuth DG. TYVM! :smile:

  6. Did u want to write to them and ask them their availability in Canada? If that's your question, I would like to know too! ;)