Ann Taylor Zebra bag (pic included)


what should I do

  1. a) keep it

  2. b) return it

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  1. since last year I had been looking for a zebra print bag, but couldn't
    find a nice one that wasn't made out of plastic (yuck). I open InStyle
    Mag. and there it is, last one at the ann taylor store. It's nice but can't
    get over the fact that it looks like a wannabe hermes styled bag. What
    do you girls think should I:

    a) keep it
    b) return it and save the money to by a different one (it was only $218)
  2. i would return it. i don't really like the handle details. and not a fans of open tote too :P
  3. returned
  4. Not crazy about it, Gucci and Celine have really nice Zebra Bags.
  5. Personally I dont like it, but if youre concerned about what other people think or them thinking its a cheap Hermes knockoff -- who cares? You know its not. If you like it, keep it.
  6. I haven't had good luck with bags from Ann Taylor. They look ok at first but don't seem to hold up well (and I'm not that hard on my bags).
  7. im not a fan of that bag, i saw it two days ago, i didnt get the hermes vibe until i realized this was the bag you posted about before then, so if you like it, keep it. if not then dont.
  8. I voted for "keep it" because I like the simple styling. I've only had a couple of Ann Taylor bags, neither of which I've used overmuch, so I don't know how one of their bags would hold up to everyday use.