Ann Taylor summer dresses

  1. I just visited my brother and his girlfriend in Arlington VA last week and they were kind enough to take me to my favorite attraction in our nations capitol -- the mall!! We don't have an Ann Taylor Loft in my town and I love that I'm always psyched to visit one.

    I love these two dresses that I picked up and am looking forward to wearing them this summer :biggrin:
    136761_1228.jpg 139376_9079.jpg
  2. MandM, cute dresses. Congrats. =)
    I love ATL & AT too. =)
  3. Congratulations MandM! You're going to look so beautiful, and I love that brown dress to death :heart:3 Yay for summer dresses, lol.
  4. very cute!
  5. Gorgeous dresses!! You're going to look gorgeous this summer!

  6. Both dresses are very cute and feminine, I especially like the blue one.
  7. Love them both!
  8. those are so cute!
  9. I love the blue dress...very beautiful!
  10. cute!;)
  11. Very cute, MandM!
  12. Love those! AT and Loft are my favorite!
  13. very pretty! I too love Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft. I love their petite clothes. I buy most of my casual wardrobe there. Enjoy your new dresses!
  14. Enjoy your new dresses!

    (Did they take you to Pentagon City or Tyson's?)
  15. MandM,
    they are cute dresses...