Ann Taylor Savings Card $25 off $50 Purchase

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  1. I just spent around $400.00 at Ann Taylor Loft, using my 20 % off Partners Card. In spending all this money they gave me a few savings cards for the dates of Novemeber 27, 2006- January 1, 2007 for $25 off of next purchase of $50.

    I have the actual card but there is the coupon code for online purchases.
    Enter code 50800022 at checkout
  2. Wow, that's great... I haven't gotten one of those in a long time. I have some great peices from Ann Taylor, just bought a cute shirt the other week. Too bad I can't find anything online...
  3. Thank you for posting this! I hope I remember when the code is valid at the end of November!
  4. Thanks! I love Ann Taylor
  5. Hey Ladies. I forgot to add the "Loft"

    Shop at Ann Taylor Loft!!! Sorry
  6. Thanks! Just what I need. I was planning to get a suit jacket from there!
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