Ann Taylor Loft

  1. What do you all think of this store? I found some great finds today while shopping and I must say I am a new fan.
  2. I shop at Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft all the time for everyday pieces and work clothes.
  3. I'm not a fan of Ann Taylor, anything...... But, i have a friend who's closet is more that 50% ATL

    There reasonably priced and have interesting choices.
  4. I like their items and they fit me well. They also have great customer service, IMO.
  5. Really high quality clothes for the price range. You'll need to wash most items on delicate and hang dry though.
  6. My MIL used to wear AT all the time when she still worked at her law firm's main office- they have some great, classic peices.
  7. I like Ann Taylor. The only problem I have about AT is their sizing. Their clothes are too big for me even in petite.
  8. I have alot of ATL.. Lots of cute pieces & reasonably priced. They are having a big sale online right now!
  9. i wasnt a big fan of AT or ATL but my sister would shop there for work clothes and eventually i did too. And I have found some cute pieces in there for work mostly. They have some nice shoes and bags. so im a fan now
  10. It's hit and miss. Sometimes, I'll find things at AT or the loft that are good, solid pieces to incorporate into my work wardrobe.
  11. I like their clothing. I can always find something nice for a bargain price during the sales and the quality of their clothing is pretty good. I just got a black ruffle long sleeve top for only $8.xx! :biggrin:
  12. I adore ann taylor actually. very classic and comfortable to wear:smile:
  13. I must say, Wednesday was my first time going into ATL and they were having a very good sale with 40% off already sale prices and I found some good things for work since I just got a job in a law office and the clothes fit me very well. They have a valued customer now!
  14. I've been shopping there since grad school. It was very helpful when I was first building a work wardrobe and they have some great sales. I'm gravitating more towards AT than ATL, but I'd say 1/4 of my wardrobe is from both places.
  15. I have been a big AT fan for several years. Good quality for the price and interesting pieces for work. AT clothing tends to run large because they do "vanity sizing." For example: I usually wear an 8P, but in AT I can usually do a 6 or even a 4. Hence, it is good for the vanity of the buyer. I'm not sure this actually helps them sell clothes, but they are not the only line to do vanity sizing so it must have some positive effect on the consumer.