Ann Taylor Loft Sizing and Quality

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  1. I'll be in the US in a few weeks and am interested in going to a LOFT store. Is the LOFT size chart accurate? I'm interested in tall slacks (I would need a minimum of a 34" inseam), and if the size chart is accurate I would probably be a 2 (possbily a 0 if they run large in the waist). While tall sizing is only offered online, I'm hoping to try on the regular size in stores and then order the tall size later. This will only work, of course, if their sizing is consistent.


    1. Is their size chart accurate?
    2. Is LOFT sizing consistent?
    3. Any comments on quality?
    4. Any recommendations for similar stores in NYC?
  2. Their sizing seems pretty consistent. Quality is okay - nothing fabulous.
  3. visit an outlet.
  4. Ann Taylor LOFT is my favorite clothing store. I find the sizing to be right on for me. The quality is good, although my favorite sweater/cardigan has jewels on it & I did lose a jewel, but my friend sewed it right back on for me. It has stayed in place since last year when it fell off.

    I mostly buy tops from there. I have one pair of jeans from there & I like the color & they have held up very well. So I only have great things to say about LOFT. Hope that helps. :smile:
  5. I agree, the sizing is pretty consistent and the quality is so-so. I never seem to keep LOFT items for more than a season or two.
  6. i worked there from 2009 to 2011 and saw the quality go down significantly. also, i believe they got a new style director recently because everything is pretty blah now..used to buy so much from there and now I doubt I'd buy much even with an employee discount. ann taylor on the other hand is still great.
  7. Hi guys, I have a question on this very shop. I visited the US in November and discovered LOFT! I loved it and bought 3 tops and a coat and was super pleased with all of it. Can you clear sometjing up for me though. What is Ann Taylor and what is it the same store/2 different stores etc - I dont get it! Sorry...Im from the UK! :smile:
  8. It is kind of confusing! Ann Taylor and LOFT are two different stores, but the same company. IMO, LOFT seems to be more casual and geared toward a younger clientèle. It also seems like the price points are lower at LOFT than at Ann Taylor.
  9. :yes: Yeah, I agree with that.
  10. I wear their clothing and I feel it runs consistent although sometimes depending on fabric I need a different size in pants. I'm young - Early 20s - and love Loft, my Mom in her 50s love Ann Taylor! They usually have sales too, just finished up a 50% off sale I believe.
  11. Completely agree. When I first graduated college, and needed work clothes, I bought a lot of things of LOFT (even got their credit card). Now, five years later, I've stopped shopping at LOFT. I stopped shopping there because the pieces just aren't as nice anymore (my opinion only).

    I want to shop more at Ann Taylor, but always have to wait for a sale (and the good sales are rare!).
  12. Same here! If I see something I like, I stalk it online until the price is low enough. The really good sales are rare, unfortunately.
  13. They have great sales. However, I don't like the quality of the Loft or Ann Taylor. I have found their items to shrink and no hold up well.

    I actually returned a top because it stretched out so much after 1 wearing. The SA actually put the ticket back on and put it on the table!
  14. I used to love LOFT but the quality has definitely suffered. Their Curvy fit jeans fit me the best but they use a horrible cheap fabric now and it bums me out. I noticed the change when the new fall clothes came in.

    It seems like once everyone started having these 30 or 40% sales (which are ALL of the time) they decided to cut back on materials. I would rather pay more for better quality. Now that everyone is used to everything always being 30% off they had to cut costs somewhere. They must fear people will stop buying if the frequent sales end.

  15. Fab thanks HermesNewbie!! I've been wondering that for ages! Cant wait ton go back over and shop in LOFT, i loved it!