Ann Taylor Loft coupon?

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  1. Need one bad thanks!
  2. 15% of $75 or more OR
    20% off $150 or more

    Promotion Code 50200001 During Checkout.

    G/L! :smile:
  3. The Loft stores are having a buy one get one for 50% off sale right now. If you had your $25 gift cards (from buying $50 in merchandise) from their promotion last month, you can use them too! I saved over $200 on my purchases yesterday!
  4. They have this tweed jacket in a size 6P! I fell in love but put it on hold to see if I could conjure up a coupon (in-store) Online didn't seem to have it.
  5. I can only find the "buy one get one 50 percent off" for in-store. Do they have the jacket at the on-line store?