Ann Taylor FIND - bubble skirt

  1. I just got this bubble skirt at Ann Taylor over the weekend - I was in there for work clothes, but had remembered this because it was something they recently featured. Well it was 1/2 off (only $50!) and I got a petite size so that it hits above the knee. This picture does the skirt no justice, especially b/c I got a size that hits higher up. IRL mine look more like a bubble skirt.


    I'm thinking of pairing it with these shoes for a wedding, but maybe a closed toe with an opaque tight would be better. Anyways, I just thought I'd share!

  2. cute, winternight!
  3. Cute outfit!! I love the shoes, are those Ann Taylor, too?
  4. love it!! so prety
  5. Christian Louboutin.
  6. I love Ann Taylor and Christian Louboutin shoes! I can always tell its Christian Louboutin by the soles :smile:
  7. Not any more! Other shoe makers are starting to usethe red sole now (Dolce & Gabbana is one). The give away, along with the red sole, was the inside of the shoe. I could see a bit of the CL signature on the inside along with the flesh tone lining. ;)

    I just wish my feet hadn't turned traitors on me. I can't wear heels that high any more and I LOVE those pumps! :crybaby: