Ann Taylor ~ Feb 6th Only*Try On Shoes To Score A $20 Off $20 Coupon

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  1. Wow Thanks!
  2. Nice! Thanks for posting.
  3. oh i wish i could go, but sadly dc is completely freaking out about the snow... thanks for posting anyway, bag, this is a great deal!
  4. Thanks! I am heading to the mall and will now stop by AT store.
  5. Thanks bag
    I am completely snowed in

  6. I'm sorry sweetem and karetotalk! I don't envy you guys in the least! Perhaps if you ask your local AT, they will honor this later given the fact that weather prohibited you from coming in today. :biggrin:
  7. Thanks for this post....just used the coupon today on a cute sweater!
  8. Thanks! I used it to buy a cute top that was on clearance.