Ann Taylor discount code

  1. Offer online- now through Sunday, Feb 4th, get 15% off full price items and $5 shipping

    Promo code 10801266
  2. Thanks, I just purchased a sweater!:flowers:
  3. Thanks! They have a really cute trench I have been checking out.
  4. You're welcome! :flowers: Ann Taylor is my favorite store of all time- classic, simple, well made clothes that last forever.
  5. Thank you!!!! I saved on skirts:smile:

    Let's keep on the lookout for new ones -- I've already found more stuff that I want and this one is over...

    Will post if I find anything!
  6. I found a new one:smile: Just worked for me today: 73526036581
    15% off of $100+ and 20% off $175+
  7. ^^ I found it strange because Ann Taylor website seems to only take 8-digit promotional codes......and I decided to try anyway, and it didn't work......
  8. ^^^ Ack!!! Sorry!! The number in my previous post is a tracking number, not the code. I pasted in the wrong thing. Anyway, I think this is the code I used: 60200001 . Hope you get it in time to use it, and hope it works:smile:
  9. ^^ Thanks! This one works. :smile: