Ann`s Fabulous Finds Store-Balenciaga bags

  1. I just wonder if anyone ever purchased something from Ann`s Fabulous:yes:
    finds store?
    I sure hope the bags are authentic, but I believe so.
    Do you guys know?
    I just purchased a Pewter Hobo`s brand new and I got a super:yahoo:
    Free shipping.
  2. Ann's sells authentic bags. I have seen the pewter day and it's lovely. Congrats!
  3. Where is this store at? Any other good deals there?
  4. definitely 100% authentic! GREAT customer service, super fast email responses, and always very helpful!
  5. AFF is indeed FABULOUS!!! I've not only bought from her, but also just recently sent in 6 of my own items for consignment--they all should be up this week!!

    They are located in Bingham Farms, Michigan.

    Their customer service is phenomenal and all items are absolutely authentic!!!
  6. I have not purchased from them, but I am postive they only deal with authentic merchandise! They approached me about featuring my Balenciaga handbag accessories in their February newsletter, and during a phone meeting they wanted to make sure I felt as they do about not promoting they sale of fakes!
  7. Haven't brought anything from them but they are legit. I love their customer service. ..Super friendly !
  8. I purchased my Rouge Theatre day from AFF. (Luv it!!) They only sell authentic items and they are really great to work with!!!!
  9. ^^ ann's a doll & sells only legit bags :tender:
  10. does anyone have a link? do they sell over the web? thanks! and that pewter hobo sounds tdf - would love to see a pic! ;)
  11. her prices have increased ever since people from the bal forum started mentioning her site.

  12. That's good! I just sent in a bunch of stuff for consignment!! :wlae:
  13. :yes: Ann and Troy have both been awesome to work with! Troy has been working hard on making a page of pictures of my bags and accessories that will link to their February Newsletter. It is an awesome opportunity they are providing me, to get some really good (and free) advertising for my handbags decos. Everyone sign up so you can see it in February!