Ankle straps on pumps?

  1. I didnt used to like ankle straps on pumps - always seemed kinda strange looking to me if you know what I mean... but I found some last weekend that I really like. I even bought 2 colors - black and white.
  2. I don't mind them if a person has the legs to carry it off. I am a short girl with short and stubby legs, though, so ankle straps only visually cut my legs off at the ankle and make them look even shorter!
  3. i like them too on other people...not for me though. i think they look strange on me. i'd love to see your new pumps:yes:
  4. OK Here are some pics of my new ankle strap pumps...
    Andreas ankle straps  Ok2.jpg Andreas ankle straps Ok6 2.jpg
  5. Are those guccis? they're really nice.
  6. they're georgeous and look very elegant!:yes:
  7. ohhh so pretty!
  8. Why thank you. How sweet of you to say that!
  9. are they easy to walk in - the heel looks quite unstable?
  10. Hi Andrea! *wave* Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, it's been crazy here at work. Anyways, I think your new shoes look lovely! :heart:
  11. Thank you butterfliie - my what a cute pic in you avatar!
  12. Thanks! That's a photo of the artwork on my wall at home :wlae: Hope you have a fabulous long weekend!!!