Ankle boots

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  1. I know that quite a few of you bought the ankle boots from the shoe sale, but seems to remember that some of you sent them back. Can I ask you why? And those of you, who still have them, do you like them?
    Reason for asking, is that I see that they have my size left from the sale, and I am strongly considering getting a pair.:rolleyes:
    Will I love them as much as my cropped bootie? :heart:
  2. I kept mine and I love mine :smile:

    Very comfortable to wear, and as mentioned like a broken record (sorry!!) they are men magnets, seem to appeal to their feminine side perhaps!!

    I wore my black pair (I have them in both black and brown) at a Christmas function for 6 hours, with a baby on my hip and had no problems with comfort. They look great with opaques and a knit dress.

    So a success story for me at least :smile:
  3. Thanks for your reply maplecottage! I particularly love the fact that they are man magnets. :lol: But being comfy is ok as well.
    My new bag is due at Wednesday, I might wait until I see the total price for that, before I order anything else from, anyone know how long the sale will last?
  4. Lillan , I think you may need to go up a size isn't that right Maple ??
    I tried them in my right size and they were just too tight . I have the booties like you in a 5 , which is my size and they are perfect.
  5. i'm thinking about getting them too! that price is just too tempting...

    Flossie, were they too tight around the ankle or at the front for your toes? since i cannot go to a shop to try them on, i'm a little nervous about the size...
  6. I must admit I am a bit worry to order a bigger size. Mainly, since I usually wear 4 in shoe. The times I wear 5 is when the shoes are narrow. I have been using the booties a bit this week (only in my house), and have noticed that the shoes gets a bit bigger with wearing, don't know if the same thing happens with the ankle boots? So really the booties could have been half a size smaller if I should be critical. But then again, I could go up half a size, and just wear thick socks in the ankle booties in necessary?
  7. Hi ladies

    I went half a size up but I have unusual feet (second toe longer than first) and a wide front foot, not exactly slim on the ankles due to exercise but I do remember (rachie was it you?) who stuck to their own size and it fit fine.

    Flossie is right regarding a tight fit on the ankles, I can get the zips up just.

    Elk I know you can't get to a store to try, I could measure the ankle width on my boots and also across the widest point if this helps at all?

    Also on the site there are some measurements - think toe to heel which are worth looking at, I actually bought my boots based on the Mulberry measurements - it's worth taking a look at them - when you select your size, there is a little ruler with a little figure of a person in the middle of it - located to the right of the screen, click on this and it will tell you dimensions in centimetres.
  8. Width on the shoe was fine and the size was quite spot on (imo)
    The only problem I had was the narrow ankle, not much give at all.
    I kept the cropped booties but sent the brown ankle boots back, as the sale was coming up and I really fancied putting it towards a bag rather than 2 pairs of boots.
  9. I used the measurements on the, and was a size 4, but I have a bit wide front foot. It would be great if you could measure the ankle width on your boots maplecottage.
  10. thanks, that would be great!!! :tup:

    i just measured my feet, they are 25.1 cm which is a 6 according to their website. i'd rather take 6.5 though, because i have a pair of leather shoes that are 6.5 and fit perfectly!
    (and i'd rather have to wear thick socks than shoes that are too small :yes: )
  11. I don't have any but everyone who has posted pics wearing them has looked great. :tup:
  12. Hi,

    I just bought the Ankle boots, and got them this week - but they are soooo tight at the top! For anyone who has these, have they stretched any?