ankle boots

  1. i'm looking to purchase ankle boots for the Fall season coming up. do any of you wonderful tPF'ers have any specific suggestions in mind? i'm looking for the perfect classic black ones with a heel preferrably. i would love Louboutins, i don't know if they're in my price range though. highest i'd probably go is $700USD.

    thanks! :smile:
  2. These are really nice....CL $675

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    Anklestrap Ankleboot
    Thick high heel size zip ankleboot with buckled anklestrap. Shiny leather. Black. Made in Italy.
    Barneys Style#: 15141.5157

    Color: Black

    Choose a Size55.566.577.588.599.51010.511


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  4. I think these Chloe's rock and roll.
  5. still love the classic jimmy choo ankle boots (own 3 pairs). they come in 3 heights, 65mm, 85mm (3.5"), and 100mm (4").
    000DAISYKD961_large_bk_Black.jpg 000DAISYKD961_large_fr_Black.jpg 000DAISYKD961_large_pro_Black.jpg
  6. These are cute. I'm not sure if I would pay retail for them but I think they are a really nice ankle boot.
    CL $650 available on Saks website

  7. Ok, so these are not classic but I love peep-toe booties. This pair comes in a lovely shade of purple too.
  8. What style and brand are these??? I love them.
  9. i llooove these suggestions. mea, the target find is such a bargain for shoes like that! lawchick & angel81chick, i think those CLs are the winner!! i'm going to have to head over to Saks to try them on in person when i get back from vacation, don't wanna pay retail, then they're a flop when i wear them. and those peeptoe booties, modern take on the classic ankle boot. loooves it.
  10. They are Moschino I think. I found them on Shopbop.
  11. These are the only ankle boots I think I'd actually wear!
  12. i have these and i LOVE the way they look with jeans.
    however, they hurt as soon as you take a step in them.:wtf:

    of course i didn't realize that until after the fact...:tdown:
  13. I love Michel Perry. Barneys carries him.. he might have an ankle boot this year. he had ones last year that were TDF