Ankle boots-do we like either of these?

  1. Aerosoles:


    Franco Sarto:

  2. I prefer the Aerosoles! I think the leather looks yummier but they are both good choices; the Franco Sarto look more professional. and Aerosoles are soo comfy!
  3. Not for me. I prefer thinner heels....
  4. I like the last pair!! I'm only 5'2 myself, so I always want a thinner heel and pointed toe because I've found that if I wear a chunky heel and a rounded toe it makes me look shorter and dumpy, but that's just the way it makes me feel about how it looks on me. :yes: :flowers:

    Let us know what you decide!!!
  5. My only fear with the last pair is the toe-it seems a bit pointy to me and I have a wider foot-some pointy toe shoes , even if they are slightly pointy, are tight on me.

    I am actually leaning towards the Franco Sarto pair

    OK-just found out the Franco Sarto pair are not leather-it seems a lot of his shoes/boots are not leather. Cross thoe off. Back to looking!
  6. the third pair for me too:lol:
  7. Out of the first two, I prefer the Aerosoles, as they have a tapered heel and a more modern looking toe shape. :yes:

    The third pair are lovely, but not too practical for everyday wear, IMO.
  8. i found them too masculine for my taste :P
  9. i love the third pair! where did you find them? i've been looking for a pointier toed boot without a really thin heel because i tend to wear out the heel too quickly going to and from work when they are real thin
  10. From the first two, I prefer the Franco Sarto pair.
  11. I'm sorry but the first two you showed look a bit frumpy to me....but I am loving that last you showed w/ the thinner and higher heel.
  12. the last pair are Steve Maddens and they have them on the Gotham City Online website. I decided against geeting any of these-i didn't like the first tow pairs and decided against the heel on the Steve Maddens due to the pointier heel. i did though find a great pair of bandolino's on Zappos that I bought (and posted in another thread)-i should be receiving them on Tuesday.

  13. yes those are much cuter....:love: