Ankle boots again

  1. OK-this is going to my thread for ankle boots-I will just post things here that I find and people can tell me if they like them or not. LOL

    Here ya go-these are by Bandolino and I would be buying them in black leather if i got them-just posting them in this color so you can see the detail better:

    Bandolino 1:

  2. Bandolino 2:

  3. Fitzwell:

  4. Moda Spana:
  5. i like the first ones!!
  6. ^me too!!
  7. Ditto! The first ones can be worn with pants or very nicely with a skirt.
  8. I like the first pair... I don't like the Moda Spana boots.
  9. It's unaminous! I like the first pair the best too-even out of all the other ones I have seen! Going to order them tonight-thanks ladies!
  10. The first ones are lovely. :yes:

    It's actually a pity you're getting them in black leather - I particularly love them in the brown suede. :heart: But, I know, leather's more practical!
  11. Yeah-the brown suede is nice-but, I really want leather in these. Can't wait for them to arrive! And, I used to really like suede shoes and boots and for some reason lately-I am just not loving it anymore. Not sure why
  12. love them


  13. Bag Fetish-who makes the ankle boots you posted? I love the first pair you posted!
  14. i love the first pair.
  15. first and second pairs look good!