Anjou Tote Review

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  1. I hadn't seen any in depth reviews of this tote, so thought I'd share a few photos of mine. I didn't want to cut and paste my whole post, all the photos and more details can be found here.

    Tote worn Goyardine side out:


    Anjou worn leather side out:


    Reinforced corners:


    I love this bag! Highly recommended :smile:
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  2. And of course I forgot all the basic information - mine is the PM size, Black and Tan color combination!
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  3. Kat, this review is super helpful, thank you. I have been thinking of buying this tote to replace my Chanel tote, which is too heavy with all my work stuff in! Would you know the exact weight of the Anjou tote? Many thanks!
  4. Great review - thanks kat!
  5. Thanks for the informative review! I really enjoy reading it.

    I was in Paris last week and was very tempted to get the Anjou. The black and tan rim is definitely the best looking!

    I didn't get it eventually after 2 visits to the boutique as I was still not too convinced with the handles (they look so easily prone to cracking despite thicker vs SLT).
  6. how about wear&tear?
  7. I'll try to weight it sometime...its quite light though :smile:
  8. I'll update on wear and far they've been fine and I haven't been gentle at all.

    So far wearing like new...will update again!
  9. Which way do you prefer to wear it?
  10. Lately with Goyardine canvas out, as I've been traveling and setting my bag down all kinds of places...this side is more durable I think.
  11. Is the soft leather side prone to scratch easily?
  12. Love this tote. Sold all my St Louis when this came out.
    Congrats. Thanks for sharing.
  13. This is gorgeous

  14. Great review! I love how it keeps its shape. This has always prevented me from pulling the trigger on the St. Louis. I'm starting to love hobo style bags again but on a tote, I definitely need some form of structure. I want one in every colour!
  15. What colors are you getting next? This bag is great!