Anjou owners - share your feedback

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  1. I would love to hear how your anjou has held up! I am especially interested in the leather side of the bag. Has it gotten gotten scratched easily? And did any of you spray the leather to protect it? Any problems with the canvas side or strap handles? TIA!
  2. Interested in this as well !
  3. Do not carry really heavy things in it, the strap will come off. Otherwise, it is super handy for travelling, because it folds well and flat in the suitcase, I have 5 colours and love them all, but I don't flip over to use the other colour.
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  4. Thanks!

  5. I've had mine for about a year and have had no issues. I only use it leather side out, did not spray if and haven't really noticed any scratches. Really loving it overall!
  6. I've had my white Anjou for 2 years & still love it. I usually wear it leather side out. No issues at all with cracking of the straps, they're sturdier than St Louis and I can carry everything I need for social outings without a problem. I don't use it for a work bag though--wouldn't subject it to the weight of a laptop or tablet. Have not used any special products on the leather. Not many people have this bag and I wind up wearing it so much more than my LVs for that reason; it's just a lot more special.
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  7. i have a gm (perfect for my height.) i've had mine since may...and just luuuuuuv it so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️ no scratches so far, but it is not my everyday bag and i never carry heavy or sharp pointy items in the bag. just like Mbstmartin mentioned, not many people have an anjou, which really does make it more special! it was only just last weekend that it was my first time seeing another lady carrying an anjou (pm)!
    ⬇️ attached pics of mine at brunch! my blythe doll even carries her own matching goyard tote! (probably a st. louis )
    IMG_7017.JPG IMG_7019.JPG
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  8. Gorgeous!!
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  9. thank you!! i love it so much!
  10. Gorgeous! And the doll is so cute. May I ask how tall you are?
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  11. does anyone know what is the price of Anjou in London?
  12. hi :smile: sorry for the late reply...i'm new using the tpf app and don't know how to get notification. :P
    thank you so much!! :smile:)) and i'm 5'7" (~171cm)
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  13. I do love my anjou and use it few times a month as a workbag.. I don’t put anything heavy nor sharp however I did get a samorga organizer for it. I haven’t seen another anjou in action where I live which makes her special. I do see St. Louis every now and then but not as much as a Neverfull.

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  14. gorgeous color! red?
  15. I got the mini sized one and use it leather out. I pack mine to the brim so it heavy for the size but I don't have any issues with scratches or cracking. Although I do not put my bag on the floor. Usually on table tops or chairs.