Anjalina and Decolette 554

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  1. Not sure where to post this, but does anyone out there know if the Anjalina is the Decolette 554 with spikes?......i.e. is the Anjalina built on the same last s the Decolette 554?.....perhaps someone owns both out three...
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  2. I have both pairs in 100mm heel height and intially I thought that they do share the same last. However, I feel their toeboxes are slightly different. I'll put them on in a bit to compare. If you want to know about sizing, I took the Anjalina (36) a full size down from my Decollete 554 (37) size. The Anjalina is suede and the Decollete is python, which I have to pad. I'd say my best size for both would be 36.5.
  3. Hi:

    Yes, please post comparison photos if you can......I love the Decolette 554’s but lately have been intrigued by the Anjalina......noticed they look very similar and thought they were the same last so thought sizing and fit would be not so sure...
  4. Okay, I tried them on. The silhouette is very much the same. It's just a bit of a stretch to compare the toeboxes when there is a full size difference between them. When I was trying on the Anjalina in the boutique, I was left under the impression that they were different. Like, I thought the point of the Decollete 554's toebox comes at an angle whereas the Anjalina's point goes straight on like the old Pigalle or, maybe like the old style Decoltissimo? However, now that I've tried them on at the same time, the Anjalina and Decollete 554 appear to be the same. I have lost weight, so I have noticed my feet have shrunk a bit too, which probably accounts for the sizing discrepancy.

    If I get a chance, I'll take comparison pics.
  5. That's just a quick one I took both TTS :smile:

  6. Thanks for the pic _Danielle_! Seeing your pic makes me seem them in a different light.
  7. So it looks to me like the anjalina is the Decolette 544 with clearly does not look like the Pigalle Follies
  8. Both models are beautiful and they seem to be very comfy for daily activities.
  9. The Anjalina definitely does not share the PF last. My toes are happy about that.
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  10. I have Anjalina 85 and love them!
    Is there a non studded equivalent? I would love to buy them!!
  11. Well, based on what everyone is saying, the non stud version of the anjalina would be Decolette 554 in either 100mm, 70mm.....not sure if there is an 80mm version
  12. 100 - 85 - 70
    20409D06-2690-4D4B-A78C-608B2AE47417.jpeg 4CB4618B-87B4-4DF2-A83D-7D08F9A938AB.jpeg C6C6CE0D-2EC9-4793-9D3E-5BEAE6B5AA96.jpeg
  13. Wait! I am mistaken. At first I thought the subtle differences in my Anjalina and Decollete 554 were because they were a whole size different. I decided to measure their insole lengths, and upon closer inpsection, the toe box of the Anjalina is shorter, more like the PF. Also, if you look at Dani's pics, the heel shapes are different. The Anjalina's heel is straight like the PF. Essentially the non-stud version of the Anjalina is the PF. As an aside, the Decollete 554 shares a last with the Iriza which is the d'orsay version. Hope this helps grtlegs.