Anja Hindmarch

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  1. Do any of you have one of her bags--I've seen pics of Reese Witherspoon carrying a patent leather bag by her and I ADORE it!!!! I think I saw where they were available in Vegas but I would love to see one in person or know if anyone has been able to examine the quality? Any thoughts?
  2. I bought one on-line last fall at Saks or NMs, I can't remember which. I returned it immediately, though, b/c the quality seemed rather poor.

    It was a nice style, but I'm an LV, MJ, Dior kind of girl and the Anya Hindmarch bag I purchased was definitely not of the same caliber.
  3. ^hmm thats very disappointing...what was it about the quality you didn't like?
  4. I own a blackl Anya Hindmarch Carker - it's a fantastic work bag, great size and actually I found the quality to be quite good, fully lined with suede, high calibre hardware etc. The best thing I think would be for you to check one out in person - not sure who retails AH in the US though...
  5. I love Anya and find the quality to be excellent. I know she has a boutique in uptown NYC, and I have seen the bags in Neimans and Saks.
  6. I had purchased the Bogart bag in navy blue patent with suede trim. It was really pretty, but overall didn't seem luxurious enough for me. There was a loose staple hanging off the bag, the closure straps were complicated and seemed like they'd break easily and the dust bag was so small....I think it was meant for a wallet instead.

    I think it was just one unfortunate experience I had as I've read many other nice things about this brand.
  7. ^Thanks ladies--I think I will try and locate one of these bags--I don't even know the name of the one I want--it was black with little embroidered bows(her signature bow) all over it--Reese Witherspoon was carrying it in pic.s I saw of her.
    Anyways thank you for all your help:smile:
  8. I am starting to see a lot of Anya Hindmarch on celebrities..there was actually a thing in people magazine or life & style about the bags recently I think.
  9. check out bloomingdales in store..
    mine has pretty decent collection..
  10. Does anyone know if there are any fakes of Anya Hindmarch out there so I don't have to worry about the one I'm watching??
    I'd appreciate any input!!
  11. yes!
    the ones with print photos, some of them are fakes.. and of course, the notorious "i'm not a plastic bag" bag..
  12. In the latest picture of Angelina Jolie wearing a yellow dress she is carrying a whiite Hindmarch and wearing Repetto ballet flats. The same bag is on Ebay.
  13. I have this one, and I have to say, I'm very pleased with the quality. Fully lined in suede, lots of pockets -
    Its a little heavy, but I'm willing to suffer.
    I got it at Saks - on sale, of course!!