Aniversary pressie....

  1. am a very lucky girl,its our nine year aniversary and my fab husband bought me a cape cod watch with a double strap in orange nine years is leather ....i'm giving him full marks...:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. ^ Nine years is leather? Woohooo! Next year is our ninth!
    I love th Cape Cod and orange is TDF!
  3. sounds great! Any pics?? Congrats!!
  4. 12 @ nite will post pics later this week are any off you guys over for the ryder cup?:smile:
  5. Congrats BG, and what a wonderful DH! Looking forward to seeing your new beauty.
  6. Well, Happy Anniversary to you both!
  7. Happy anniversary!!!!!!!!

    wow, nine years!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful DH!
  8. Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  9. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! They had a Cape Cod in Chicago (with diamonds) and it is so gorgeous! What an amazing gift!!! Post pics!!!!
  10. Since it's leather maybe he can buy you another BIRKIN!
  11. Happy A B-Girl!
  12. Oh happiness! Happy Anniversary to you both.
  13. Happy Anniversary, BG!
  14. happy anniversary, bg! the big 1-0 is next year - we got to plan for the big one!
  15. Feeling excited for you too, pazt. Please share with us here what that BIG ONE would be, when you are through with making up your mind on it. This is only my 5th year of marriage.