Anita Ko is....


May 29, 2007
Every time I see her name online I think of this thread!
me too! :smile:
I thought it was deja vu but realised the thread was revived!
I thought the same. I can't believe this thread still lives after all these years. I guess it's true things on the internet never die LOL!
Every time I think one of her pieces is cute, I remember this thread exists still haven’t purchased anything from her
same! :yes:


Feb 20, 2012
Several times I've paused to look at something in a jewelry case to admire the pieces, only to realize that it was Anita Ko and moved right on.

It was abominably stupid of her, as a businesswoman, to show her true feelings/let them get the better of her, on a public platform.
I feel the same. I wanted a pair of earrings from her but after reading this thread, I just can’t seem to pull the trigger. OP was incredibly gracious and forgiving. I am not sure if I could behave that generously considering AK’s very public attacks. If I were AK, I would have sent OP a pair of earrings that shows superior quality & design to convince her that AK is worth the price. OP may choose to show the difference on instagram and more customers would purchase AK.