Aniston’s Cabo New Year

  1. Jennifer Aniston was spotted in Cabo, Mexico this weekend with BFF and former Friends co-star Courtney Cox-Arquette. Hubby David Arquette tried his best to shield Jen from the paparazzi. The gang hit up restaurant Mi Casa in downtown Cabo

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I hope she finds her perfect match soon
  3. She looks good, but the flip flops don't match the strange thing she's wearing. Courteney looks beautiful, as always. It's great that they're still friends.
  4. that's great jen's chillin with her friends
  5. Thanks for posting !
  6. Oh the flip flops are terrible with the outfit !
  7. aww, David's so cute being all protective!
  8. thats nice of them!
  9. I love C Cox and David- Jen really has some great friends in them!
  10. i love them! cox & arquete are such great friends...
    jen is lucky to have people like them around :yes:
  11. I love Courtney and David. I agree, Jen's outfit is not so great.
  12. Awww what good friends. Thats so cute. But why the purple flip flops?
  13. i agree. i think it goes both ways though, they're all lucky to have each other!