aniston wedges

  1. I saw a pic of Jennifer Aniston in eith Life&Style or InTouch magazine.
    There were 3 pictures of her side by side and the last one she had
    some really cute wedges. Anyone seen this and I want those shoes.
  2. hi, sorry, I don't read that magazine, could you post a pic & I'm sure someone will know what they are!

    Shes been wearing a lot of YSL wedges recently so maybe its YSL again?
  3. Unofortunately I don't have a pic. That is my problem.
    But thanks for trying.
  4. I think someone posted about those a while ago. You might want to try to run a search.
  5. ^yes, try a search, I'm remember this topic already being brought up ;)
    Good luck!
  6. I don't think they were the same pictures though? were they? I'll find the link & post it here & you can tell us if its the same pair!
  7. These are YSL Carmen removable flower espadrilles. I have these in dark brown. I have them posted in my showcase

    Thse are currently on sale on
  8. Baggaholic! thanks so much! They are faublous!
  9. no they aren't the same but i like them. :smile:
  10. Hi, I think those in Life & Style (which I read every week) were Michael Kors.