Anis Weekender

  1. VERY beat up! That color is growing on me, but I would rather have a new one in a darker color I think.
  2. cute color... but the handles bothers me... *_*~
  3. GAHHHHH! I would love this but not sure the weekender is for me! I want this in the work? Does anyone have this in the work? I've never seen it!
  4. I was thinking the same thing! Did the 04 bags come in work sizes though?
  5. jdy324... i love ur avatar... so pretty...
  6. Lots of Anis lately...and this is beautiful! I wish I needed a bag that big, lol!
  7. She seems to have a lot of well used bags, wonder where she gets them all? I was hoping she was gonna relist the pink one she had. So far nothing, unless she sold it off ebay. She wouldnt budge on the price at all for me. oh well...
  8. s/s '05 was the first season the work came out.. :smile:
  9. oooooooooooh! nice! I love this color
  10. i would jump at this if it weren't for the scruffs. oh why... am i so picky?:Push:
  11. ^^^I say get it! Artbag can probably fix it?
  12. Sorry gals ... this has been on my *WISH* list for so long (and especially in the Weekender size) ... that I BIN'd the minute I saw this thread!!!

    The only problem is that I'm in Europe right now and won't be home until after 20-October!!! Oh well ... :yahoo: :yahoo:
  13. Congrats Ceejay!! i was going to do the exact same thing!! but i'm on a shopping ban till 20th oct... so I couldn't BIN.. heheh =)..but CONGRATS!! and enjoy... =) it's a beauuuutiful bag!
  14. Thanks!!! Between this and the Rouge Vif LARGE Quilted (that will hopefully be in by the time I get home) ... I will also be placing a BAN on myself for the rest of the year!!!!!!

    I'm going to get it cleaned up by a local leather specialist ...