Anis Twiggy! Starting bid $999

  1. Ooooh! It's beautiful! Thanks for posting!:heart:
  2. whoa! There's quite a few of these lately! Thanks for sharing peanut, the anis is beautiful!
  3. mmmmm yummy! *rubs bidding hands together*
  4. Oh nuts ... I should have known the super-duper-eBay-snooper's would see this beauty :lol: !!! I've already contacted the seller re: BIN.
  5. LOL Ceejay, no one misses much around here!
  6. Yeah Chloe ... don't I know it!!! I just wish that I could get into eBay when at work ... then again, my wallet wouldn't be too happy!!
  7. ...and its gone.
  8. the anis color is starting to grow on me :love: lucky girl whoever won it :nuts:
  9. WHOA! I didn't even realized that she put a BIN up! Who's the lucky girl?
  10. I knew the BIN was going up, but it was meant for one of the seller's repeat buyers and just out of my price range... :crybaby:
  11. ^ oh noo... mocean... don't worry dear, yours will come too! *hugs*
  12. i hope so... I'm really giving up hope on a decent anis I can afford. i'm probably just going to wait until Bal releases a yellow *prays*
  13. ooooh, sorry about what happened, mocean...there's one out there for you with your sweet name on it. and we'll be sure to find it for you ;) :flowers: she'll definitely be worth the wait :yes:

    I had emailed her for a BIN .. had she put one up?!?!

    I HATE :censor: HATE :rant: HATE :throwup: the fact that I can't get into eBay from work. I probably missed out YET again ... I just want to cry :crybaby: ... this has been such a HORRIBLE week for me (work-wise and everything else) ... UGGH! :sad: