Anis Twiggy! sp 799

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  1. Gorgeous and looks brand new.:nuts: I wonder how high it is going to sell. :sweatdrop:
  2. I love anis. I've broken my ban to bid on this.
  3. ^ did you get it? I saw it first thing this morning and was about to bid and the auction ended :sad: . I would have done unatural things for that bag......
  4. what an amazing deal!!! brand new too!! i am not a twiggy fan but this was well worth the money. i have two anis bags (purse and city) so clearly think this color is fantastic.
  5. I was gonna bid too but it ended !!
  6. wow! that was beautiful

    congrats to whoever got it!
  7. I got it. It was worth breaking the ban. Yay!

  8. Congrats Ronda...Very sad for me :crybaby: but good for you...
  9. Wow !! congrats ronda! :yahoo:
  10. Hi, all. I ended up getting this bag for $980. Do you think that's too horrible?

  11. That is GREAT. It is BNWT. Congrats! You will love it.
  12. Ronda, I think that's awesome! Congrats on a fabulous addition to your growing collection!
  13. Lovely congrats!
  14. Great price for a MINT bag! post pics when you get it!