Anis Twiggy...Rare Beauty, but...

  1. wow, that's an amazing color!
  2. last i checked, BalNY didn't have anis tassels available...wonder if that would change.
  3. Hmmm...that would be important to know before buying a bag. One thing is to have damaged tassels, but to have them missing all togther is quite another. I do hope they get replacements in every once in awhile.

    Too bad. It's such a gorgeous bag.
  4. fendihunter--when i tried to order 04 lilac tassels i was told they'll no longer produce tassels in that color...not sure if i completely believe that though...
    i ended up getting a different lilac color and just used them anyway, i will try to 'repair' the split tassels and glue them back...we'll see if that'd work

    --i wonder why they had to wait 6 months for the anis...oh, i don't know if i'd have the patience for that long, haha:smile: