Anis Purse...ever made????

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  1. I'm on the hunt for a Purse. I'd especially like an Anis or Olive Purse. Does anyone know if this style was ever made in these colors? I haven't come across them before.

    Thanks ladies.:flowers:
  2. Well, I've never seen one, but the purse style was made in the fall/winter 04 season (I've seen marron and eggplant, for example). My guess is that it was made, just in smaller quantities, so it's probably ridiculously rare.
    Anyone else?
  3. I do not believe they made the purse in '03 so no '03 olive purse but there is probably '05. I own an anis purse but it is the only one I have ever seen (though I am guessing there are more).
  4. I'm jealous;)

    Well, at least I know they made it. Now I can hunt it down.:graucho:
  5. Oh I remember it's the one you got from ebay (i think?), chigirl. Lucky you! It was beautiful! Good luck on finding one fendihunter! It' likely another one will pop up on ebay.
  6. BTW chigirl, any pics of yours available to drool over???:drool: :graucho:
  7. percephonie -- Yep, that is the one. Thanks!

    fendihunter--I don't have any pictures but can take some in a couple weeks when my camera comes back from Asia (mom has borrowed it). I got very lucky as it is in mint condition. If I see another one pop up, I will PM you!
  8. Thanks. I'm willing to sit back and wait till one pops up. I went back to see the auction you won, but the pics are no longer available. I'm sure it's a real STUNNER. This color is so interesting. I might get another style in this color in the meantime, but I still want a Purse.
  9. WOW :nuts: ... an Anis purse?!?!?!! Gee ... and here I thought I was "special" because I have the Anis Weekender :crybaby: !! I agree with the rest of you, finding another one is going to be VERY hard ... and given that it's one of the lighter colors, it will be even harder to find one that's in good condition! Good luck!!!
  10. An anis purse must be amazing!
  11. Now I'm just going to work myself into a frenzy over this. I just know it.

  12. Let there be no doubt, YOU ARE BEYOND SPECIAL if you have the Anis Weekender.:yes: