ANis City on ebay!!! yummy!!!

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  1. Goodluck, first!
  2. good luck 1!!
    Beautiful bag from a lovely seller!!! :heart: :P
  3. :nuts: So beautiful!!!:nuts:
    Good luck firstclass!!:flowers:
  4. How come this item didn't show-up when I did a search on eBay?
  5. :nuts: Woooooow!!!!Another beauty:drool: !!!
    Good luck First:love: :heart: !!:flowers:
  6. i remember someone from this forum wants it... was it winona or mocean?
  7. I was thinking mocean???
  8. So pretty!
  9. awwwwwww thank you all for the nice comments and good wishes :shame: - I hope this beauty will find a lovely new home :love:

    Amour 'N' - thank you for posting :flowers: :heart:
  10. first, good luck with your sale!:heart:
  11. Mocean really wants a bag in Anis...I'm sure she'll see this!
  12. :drool: :love: :heart: GORGEOUS!

    Thanks for all the emails ladies! love you! but I'm out of the running on this one! I wish my budget would allow it... *sigh* :Push: :crybaby:

    good luck firstclass! you're a total sweetheart! :kiss:
  13. Oh my god, wish I had the extra cash, I really wanted it, but I
    have to wait.:sweatdrop:
    Good luck my dear, thanks for the heads-up.:jammin: J
  14. *sigh* This is gorgeous and so tempting.....but I need another bag like I need a hole in the head. I hope someone grabs it quickly before I lose all of my resolve.

    Good luck firstclass!:flowers:
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