ANIS City-excellent condition

  1. Woah! Dy-no-miiiite!
  2. that is so beautiful!!! what a dream bag that would be. i wish balenciaga would make more yellow toned bags!
  3. Stunning! Go for it ladies... Wooo hoo...
  4. wow! it's in great condition! good luck to whoever wants it!
  5. split pea soup bag!
  6. I want it SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much! *dreamy sigh*
  7. go for it, Petit!!!!
  8. This color is too cool! Balenciaga should definately come out with another yellow... actually they should bring back a lot of colors!
  9. Thanks BooYah! I'm hoping it'll be mine by the end of the auction

    *sprinkles Balenciaga fairy dust*
  10. Petit, i'm tossing two large sacks of fairy dust your way!!!!!!!;) (i found a buy-1-get-1-free deal!!!!:lol: )
  11. LOL....oh-mi-gawd!!! That is a absoultely divine bag I WANT IT!!!!!
  12. Go for it Petit! Good luck!! :heart:
  13. Anis is such a pretty and versatile color.:yahoo: You can easily match it with almost every color. I have one and i love it.:graucho:
  14. Congrats to the lucky winner! Hope it was a PFer!!