Anis City Anyone? SP $1350

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  1. OH MY GAWD! Wasn't this someone's HOLY GRAIL BAG???
  2. I was just gonna post that bag too! The seller is a good friend of mine, we chat on the phone several times a day about our Bbag addiction! We try and talk each other out of buying! Someone needs to grab this gorgeous bag.
  3. gorgeous :drool:
    but i must close my eyes! aaarggghhhh
  4. GORGEOUS bag :drool: .... mint condition ;) .... lovely seller (I know her too) :love: ! Good luck everyone :flowers:
  5. I keep going back to this listing just to stare and drool.:drool:
  6. O-M-G!! I love this bag desperately!!!:love: You guys have no idea!! Well, okay maybe you do!!;)
  7. it's gone. hope it was a PFer!
  8. It most certainly is :graucho:
  9. Deco? YOU????? congrats!!!!!!!!! great choice :drool:
  10. Congrats Deco!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Deco, congrats on a gorgeous bag!!!!
  12. Thanks everyone! I'm beside myself with joy. cant' wait to squeeze it in my hands.
  13. deco, sneaky, sneaky!!!;) i'm so happy for you. congrats on such a fabulous bag! i have the anis city too. you'll love it so much.
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