Anis '04 has arrived!

  1. Much to my surprise the bag arrived yesterday (that was fast!)....
    I was supposed to be on my way to HK so I was happy to have been
    home to get it. The first question that comes to mind is....has anyone
    tryed to clean this color before with Applegarde? This is definitely an
    unusual shade of yellow? green? Anyway here it is.....BTW does anyone else have a birthday in the next couple of weeks?

    IMG_0571_1.JPG IMG_0572_1.JPG
  2. Congrats! I used the applegarde conditioner on my anis twiggy and it was fine. Haven't tried the cleaner though...
  3. Thanks percephonie, I'm going to try the conditioner and see what happens!
  4. gorgeous! i'm used the conditioner and spray and everything applegarde on the anis city that i had. no problems! got the bag alot softer too. =)
  5. Waterfalls:Thanks very much! It is such an unusual color I was concerned about what might happen...
  6. all the leathers get dark a shade afte ryou use the conditioner.. but wait abit and do some firm but gentle and swift buffing.. then let it dry.. will be as good as new! =)
  7. Just wanted to say I love that color. Congrats! Its a gorgeous bag!
  8. Great, thanks so much! I'm feeling better about using it now!:smile:
  9. chloe231, congrats!!!!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL! i'm sure there'll be no problems with the AG conditioner!

    btw, my bday is in early august :graucho: :lol:
  10. Thanks Booyah! Anis is such an unusual color! Mine is this weekend...
  11. CHloooeee!!! Mine's tomorrow!!!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers::flowers:
  12. MINE TOO!!! :yes:
  14. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!

    ~ My birthday is Friday the 30th~ ugh..:oh: ;)
  15. congrats!!!! the color is soooo cute!!!!