Anime Expo- Any TPF People?

  1. So I just got back today around 7 something-ish tonight from Anime Expo. I was staying w/ a friend at her grandmother's house near long beach and I didn't have internet access :sad:

    saw quite a bit of tokidoki running around and I was wondering if anyone else was there. This year wasn't all that great (actually it downright sucked for the most part :wtf:) but still had it's awesome moments...

    I managed to find a moofia member running around and I'll post pics of them later ;) they were the Japanese Milk lol but yeah I was wondering if anyone else was there just cuz :smile:

    BTW off topic but Transformers is an AWESOME movie :tup:
  2. Oo:huh:OO can't wait for the pics.

    AHHH we MIGHT go watch Transformers tonight...whoo let's see lol.
  3. tehlilone.. i didn't make it. i'm in san jose right now!
    so this year not as great? i've never been.. only to ccsd! =) but did ya buy anything fun?? =)
  4. I work in a building that overlooks the convention center so I had a great view of all the people, does that count? There were some great outfits, it looked like everyone was having fun.
  5. lol yeah I just saw the other post when someone bumped it up... didn't see it earlier :sweatdrop: we might've seen each other but :shrugs: who knows... ladybugpoop did you see a little asian girl w/ glasses and a foresta bambinone? I only wore my two tokidoki shirts and that was for the last two days... I was sporting my shoes tho :tup: but no one notices shoes much lol

    I think I saw a different moofia member tho... it was the Japanese milk but it looked different than the one pic posted altho I can't be certain :yes:
  6. Ohhh! You need to post pics of the Moofia you saw, they are so cute!

    I don't remember seeing any foresta tokis at all so I probably missed you =( I only went for a couple hours on Sat. and I just went into the exhibition hall. It was packed!! I don't mean to grumble, but a lot of those kids were really smelly! I guess they haven't discovered personal hygiene yet lol
  7. hahaha... I think you'd die if you went to SDCC... AX wasn't that bad BO wise compared to what I've dealt with. I don't think it's really the kids that smell but the adults. Kids still take showers for the most part but maybe no deodorant (at least that's a theory my friends and I have) but adults do neither...

    I was in the exhibition hall for the most part except for a few hrs when I watched death note the movie around 12ish
  8. mm kay here's the Japanese milk I saw :biggrin:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. That's a really cute Japanese milk! I hope the penmanship is better on this one ;)

    So the BO is worse at the ComicCon? GREATTTTT... I'm going to the Comic Con on Thursday, so hopefully it won't be as crowded and I won't be so close to the stinky people.
  10. haha yeah Thursday is generally better because people haven't been there long... Saturday is really bad since it's the busiest day and people who don't normally take showers or something have a couple days of the con already accumulated :push: it gets really bad in certain areas... like the DC booth. I never go in the middle of it on Sat :lol: if anything I stay on the perimeter
  11. Aww I wish I went this year.

    Haha BO... I don't remember having problems with that really there :p It was all the crowding and pushing!

    That's a cute moofia.
  12. OMG .. I think I'd pass out if I was in a place filled with BO :lol:

    It's bad enough when I ride the trains and people have their arms up holding the poles and they stink ... I have to try not to puke ... lmao

    anywho ... yah that is a cute japanese milk!! :biggrin:
  13. Ewww I can smell BO from a mile away... I would've died, too. That's cool that people cosplayed Moofia, though :yes:
  14. Cute milk costume!! Ahh, those stinky cosplayers& fanboys&girls. haha. I don't think I'd survive a convention..but i'd like to go to one