Anime and Mangas

  1. Ok, hadn't seen a thread on this yet. Who here likes to watch anime or read mangas??? Surely I can't be the only one.
  2. I like looking at Mangas, I used to use them as a reference for drawing. Yup, I used to draw anime characters. I also used to watch anime...but it's been a lonnnng time, i'm talking at least five years.
    Which do you like?
  3. Here are some of my favorite anime:
    - YuYuHakusho
    - Gundam Wing
    - B't X
    - Majineiyuden Wataru
    - Madooh Granzort
    - Naruto
    - Saiyuki
    - Houshin Engi

    Here are some of my favorite mangas:
    - YuYuHakusho
    - Saiyuki
    - Naruto
    - RG Veda
    - Tokyo Babylon
    - Any YAOI manga with good plot and nice drawings

    I'm sure there're more but these are the ones I can think of at the moment:flowers:
  4. I like the girlie kind.. I think they call it Shoujo?? :confused1:

    I'm reading Nana and watching Kodocha right now.
  5. Yup, that's the girlie ones. I usually read shounen mangas but I think CLAMP's "RG Veda" and "Tokyo Babylon" falls under Shoujo, so does a lot of mangas in the yaoi genre. Oh another manga I like was "Fallen Angel from the End of the Century" (can't remember the Japanese name) by Hoshino Kana.

    Some of the very popular shoujo mangas are: Angel's Sanctuary, X, Tokyo Babylon, RG Veda, Fushigi Yuugi, Aya shi no Ceres, Utena, etc. I generally prefer to read shounen mangas though ...
  6. OH!!! :smile: I love RG Veda too..i have the complete manga set :smile:
  7. Lately I have been watching some Anime, since youtube seems to have taken over tv for me.

    My favourite so far is Ouran High School Host Club
  8. I like that one too..I've only watched up to episode 11 though.

    Gakuen Alice is a good one seems kiddy at first, but it's hilarious!!
  9. OMG! My daughter lives and breathes this stuff. She had one of her Anime drawings published in one of the magazines a few years ago. She talks about it constantly, but all she gets from me is blank stares because as I tell her "I don't get it?!?" Sort of like me talking designer shoes and bags to her: same blank stare.:confused1:
  10. Prada Psycho, How old is your daughter? I have a 13 yr old that is just like your DD. She is leaning over my shoulder as I type this spurring me on! (She laughs at me, too!) BTW, that blank stare, I am very familiar with it. She looks at me like I'm insane when I read these boards, and if I offer her any fashion advice, she backs away like a vampire from sunlight!

    She reads shoujo and LOVES yaoi, (although I don't particularly approve or understand it one bit!!! :cursing:) I think she is too young for some of these themes. What ever happened to the good old cartoons and comics of yesteryear? I remember Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker, Pink Panther, and for comics, we had Superman, Batman, etc... I'm only 35, is it that old? Now maybe we had some violence in our cartoons :graucho: , but at least it was not as bad as boy-boy love or cross-dressing! (not that there's anything wrong with it, I just think she is too young for this stuff.) We were just interested in boys back in the day. I don't know which is worse - this weird fantasy anime stuff or boy crazyness.:P

    Am I the crazy one?
  11. Yeah, I used to be a huge manga fan, that and anime. I haven't been watching a lot of anime lately, and most of my favourite manga series have already ended in Japan so I don't do much collecting anymore. My favourite manga series were Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (it's HanaKimi here), Akuma de Sourou, and Harlem Beat wa Yoake Made. I still buy Kuro no Kishi, even though that only comes out sporadically now.
  12. I am fan!

    I loved lots of those! I even have some DVDs of it when I found that they sell them here too but I can't watch it when they're dubbed in English if I've seen it before in Tagalog. I watch it in Japanese.

    Rourouni Kenshin
    Yuyu Hakusho
    Gundam Wing
  13. Wait, she's 13 and likes YAOI? Eh ... I love YAOI but I didn't even touch that stuff until I was 19.
  14. I can't believe I forgot Rurouni Kenshin, I love that one too. I also like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Escaflowne.
  15. Amanda is 19 and a junior in college!! She keeps trying to convince me that this obsession isn't something for "kids", but I'm like you: when I see cartoon characters I think CARTOONS, not all the sex and violence that these things have! She cut her teeth on Dragonball Z when she was around 14 give or take, then branched out into all these other Anime series. As I said, suffering "blank stare syndrome" I couldn't tell you any of the series names. The DH has kept up with it though and knows every book, every character and picks up new releases and such for her. But he's a big kid too, so there you go. :lol: