animals death in movies sadder than persons death...

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  1. #1 Aug 8, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2008
  2. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE animals and think we should treat them with respect...after all they are G-d's creatures, but I do get annoyed with this myself. People are people and have families and hopes and dreams and can really make positive changes in the world. Animals are...animals.

    I think so many people have been screwed over by other people that seeing a loving animal die is really heartbreaking.
  3. Personally, I can not watch children or animals being killed or abused in movies (or in real life). Maybe the innocence???
  4. I do get sadder when animals die in movies...I think it's because they're helpless and are (in many cases) dependent on us. People have weapons and whatnot whereas animals dont.
  5. We had relatives get my husband "I Am Legend" with Will Smith for his birthday. I am so angry they got him this movie, knowing there is a scene where the main character has to kill his dog to keep it from becoming a monster (?). I cried during that scene, especially being able to identify with depth of his loss. I refuse to watch that movie again. What the heck where they thinking? If I want to be brought to tears, I can always watch the news!
  6. ^ I've heard something along these lines about the movie which is why I still have not watched it!

    I do think my greater empathy for animals over people killed in movies has to do with their innocence and that they are reliant on us for their protection and welfare.
  7. But so are children. And people are reliant on OTHER people for protection and welfare as well.

    I also think it is worse for people because people live in families and form friendships and bonds. Animals form bonds with other people but not one another necessarily. Animals don't have the capacity to write about their experiences, to make good of their experiences or to change the world.
  8. ^^I know that I've had plenty of animals in my lifetime that have formed a bond with each other. I know that when one of our dogs had to be put down the other one didn't eat for days and would just lay in the same spot not moving, it was heartbreaking because we couldn't explain to him that his friend wasn't coming back. With people you can explain to them what has happened with an animal you can't and the poor things just suffer in silence.
  9. Yes, animals form bonds with one another, but when a domesticated animal is killed, a child doesn't lose their mom/dad, a parent doesn't lose their child,a husband doesn't lose his know what I mean. Humans are dependent on one another just as animals are dependent on us. Children are dependent on adults for food and clothes and love. Adults depend on other adults for love. And we depend on the society at large for food, protection, etc.
  10. I still get more sad when I see animals helplessly killed in movies. There's no rhyme or reason, but I just do. It's not something that should or shouldn't be, or anyone can use logic as to why, it's an emotion that happens when there's that image.
  11. ^^Exactly, I completely agree.
  12. I get what you're saying but undomesticated animals do rely on each other for survival, their parents protect them and feed them until they are old enough to take care of themselves. Just because they cannot speak their feelings doesn't mean that they don't have them. Have you ever watched a group of wild horses there is usually a stallion in the pack that protects the others and there is usually a mare that leads the group to food, water and shelter. To me that is the rest of the group being dependent on them.
  13. ITA.:crybaby: Since the movie started I was worried about that. Hubby loves the movie and we bought it (it IS a great film). The first time he watched it at home he had Buster on his lap (Leeloo and I were asleep in bed) and he told he cried a little and had to give his little man extra hugs. Yesterday we were watching a Damages marathon and as soon as I saw the little Jack Russell I got nervous. His owner was killed so I watched the rest of the marathon.
  14. I hate watching animals and people die in movies, I usually get sad either way. I especially hate watching animals die in movies though. I don't think there's a simple answer for my emotions or reasons. Other than that, why have the children vs animals debate? I rarely see a child die in a movie, but animals are killed often in movies. I really don't put more value on one or the other's life, its sad when either dies.