Animals Death in Movies Sadder Than a Persons Death??

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  1. Why do people get angry or feel more sympathy for an animals death than a human in Movies??
    I was reading the forums on imdb and some people get furious at an exaggerated level when an animal dies in a movie...

    "Omg ban that movie" "They should have not put that in the movie" for example..
    But when a human dies they just brush it off....

    Same goes in reality.. Like one someones kills an animal, some people think they should be put to death..
  2. I guess because animals can't defend themselves the way grown people can. I think it's similar to the reaction that happens when graphic violence is inflicted on a child in a movie.
  3. omg I just got deja vu. I was just either watching or reading the very same thing today. argh, can't remember what it was?

    I guess its because animals are helpless in a way, and can be so innocent, but for humans, i guess we do so much bad stuff that and we are so used to seeing violence in the media that we don't think too much about it.
  4. i get much more upset at animal deaths than human. It's just how I feel.
  5. Cuz animals are cuter than people! Doi!
  6. thats what I dont get.. what about a lion, is that helpless... Human life is worth so much more...
  7. I don't understand what you mean by human life is worth so much more. How so?

    Are you perhaps generalizing a bit here?
  8. ^^A lion is certainly defenseless against a high-powered rifle from 60 yards away! If you want to go mano a mano against a lion, then the lion will have the advantage, but hiding behind a tree and shooting at it from a safe distance hardly seems fair. That goes for killing any wild predator---how is it "sporting", exactly? When you are ready to face off against, say, a black bear, dressed in a loin cloth and armed only with a Bowie knife, then you've got bragging rights. Otherewise I personally have nothing but scorn for you. (That's the general "you", Prince! Not personal)

    Anyway, in movies, quite frankly people sometimes "deserve" to get killed. But animals are generally just trying to mind their own business or defend themselves as best they can. I am not talking about silly movies like "Jaws" of course but everyone knows that a shark would never behave like that IRL.
  9. Last week, my husband was listening to our eight year-old granddaughter read from the Little House on the Prairie books, and she came across the part where the family dog, Jack, who couldn't make the trip across the plains because he was very old, died in his sleep......She blubbered and sobbed through that part and read it out loud until she couldn't read it any more. We consoled her and talked about that part of life and death as much as you could to an eight year-old, and she just about cried herself to sleep. She said that she just "hated" when animals die. "It's just not right".
  10. ^^ Rose, that story broke my heart. Your daughter is a sweet soul.
  11. Honestly, I think we're really desensitized when it comes to a person dying in the movies, that might be part of it. You don't see animals die as often in movies.
  12. Im just the opposite. I put humans a little higher than animals. I can't help it, Im a human being. I love myself and my own kind.

    besides, movies aren't real anyway. and at the end of credits there is always a disclaimer that says that no animals were hurt during the filming of the movie.
  13. haha i know what you mean. i cried when i watch will smith's german sheperd die in "I am Legend."
  14. I think you can instantly feel emotionally attached to a pet or cute animal in a movie but with people it's not so easy, we judge them.
    I think killing pets is used quite frequently, every time I see a dog in a pyscho killer/stalker type movie, I automatically think, oh-oh, poor little doggy's gonna get it :nogood:
  15. I will not get into it b/c these are my beliefs, actually the beliefs of many. I am not desensitize to humans dying. I do not feel the same for animals even though I have had pets and will have them again and love them and take care of them but they are just that, pets, not people. I will also not stand around if an animal is suffering in some way or I see someone being cruel to them. Those who choose to be cruel to animals should be punished for it. Wild animals whether they be in Africa, Australia, where have you is another matter, they are wild. I do not even condone hunting unless it is sanctioned to reduce the population or they are a threat to human life. Killing for money or for the sport of it, to me, is something I cannot wrap my head around.