~*~*ANIMALICIOUS RAOK-Discussion and Reveal*~*~

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  1. I think enough people voted 'yes' to start this Animalicious-wide RAOK!

    This RAOK is for Animal and Animal-Related products ONLY. You will be buying for your buddy's pet(s) or your buddy's favorite animals (ie: If your buddy is petless but loves hippos, you'd look for hippo items...do they have hippo items? Hopefully no one is crazy about hippos! J/K I love hippos....) NO purse items! This is for ANIMALS! Be creative ... this should be A LOT of fun!

    Anyway.... I'd like to use Elfster because it's so easy. If you've never used it before it's a super website for these kinds of exchanges. You can fill out a wishlist and ask your buddy anonymous questions! Just make sure your tPF name is in parenthesis after your first name on Elfster s everyone knows who you are. Also make sure your mailing address and update your wishlist with pets/animals items.

    Sign ups will be now through 4/19 with buddies being assigned 4/20. We'll send two packages...one on 5/20 and another on 6/20. Packages should value $25-$35.

    Please PM me your first and last name and the email address you use on Elfster.

    When packages are sent please PM me your tracking #.

    I'm going to have this RAOK open to everyone who wants to participate but please do not sign up if you don't think you can fulfill your duties!! If you are going on an extended vacay, or you have a lot of prior commitments then sit this one out.

    If there are any other questions, please let me know!
  2. ^I'm in! this one sounds like fun too!
  3. i aim in:yes:
  4. Im in also, the dates are after I come back from vacation. YAY! It will be fun to pick up some stuff for my buddy while Im traveling:tup:
  5. Yay!! I'm starting to send out invites on Elfster!
  6. Im out...not home until June. Maybe next time.
  7. ^^ aww. Poop. Im sure there will be another one though!
  8. I'm so excited! This will be my first RAOK... runs off to Elfster to start an account.
  9. Yay!!! Thanks for the stickie, Sunshine!

    PM me if you want to join in on the fun!
  10. Maybe we should all list what animals we have, just so the buddy knows. I stated the weight and breed of my furbabies in my wishlist.
  11. I'm so lame, what is Elfster?
  12. Elfster.com its made for Secret Santa type exchanges.

  13. Very good idea!!! :yes:
  14. how fun! i'll set up an Elfster account and PM you :smile:
  15. Voodoo- I have a question. Maybe someone else has it too, so I'll post instead of PM'ing. Each package values $25-30 or the total value of both packages sent is $25-30?