animal testing labs....

  1. i just watched the most disturbing video ive ever seen about animal testing labs. i would post the link but im not sure if that kind of stuff is allowed on here. anyways i was wondering what types of companies test their products on animals so i can avoid buying their products... the video showed pictures of live cats and rabbits with devices implanted in their brains, im not sure what theyre testing, the video diddnt say, but if anyone could tell me what companies use these practices please tell me.. thank you!
  2. excellent decision btw!
  3. thanks so much! i had no idea that animals were tested in such harsh ways, but im not suprised either...
  4. :wtf:OMG, I had no idea all of those companies did testing on animals. I have so many of those products in my home:tdown:
  5. oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have so many of those damn products!!!!!!!!
    im so mad at myself!!
    poor animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by the way, how would they test "clorox" on animals?!?!
    my god thats horrible!!
  6. please sign a petition to stop animal testing...i did!!!!
  7. I'm glad you posted this..I had no idea how many companies do this...shocking..
  8. It is in AZ we are fighting hard to prevent Covance, a HUUUUGE animal research/testing company from setting up shop in Chandler.

    It is truly disgusting and unnecessary what these poor creatures have to endure :sad:

    Also, a lot of universities have animal labs, including Arizona State cruel and inhumane.

  9. i know i have so many of those products aswell, but im making a list of the companies not to buy from. i was reading into it more and brands like "clorox" test on rabbits by dropping the product in their eyes!!! i guess they do it to see the reaction, and then they write on the bottle " keep away from eyes" They might also put it in their food so they can see what happens when they eat it

  10. so sad!!!
  11. That is so devasting and heartbreaking. It makes me so mad that this industry still continues despite the many alternatives that are more effiecient and more humane than animal testing. It makes me sick.
  12. i guess we can all help by trying not to buy the products on that list, those companies dont deserve our money!!
  13. Thanks so much for posting that link and making us aware of the companies that do animal testing... I had no idea, and I'm sickened by how many of those products are in my own home!

    I'm going to make every effort not to purchase from any of the companies listed, and read labels a little more carefully next time...
  14. I thought most colleges didn't allow animal testing? My university will only allow animal experiments on creatures that do not have backbones, like earthworms, and I think that goes for our whole state...I can't believe they allow it in some!

    Most of my products I purchase from EarthFare or Trader Joes now, to avoid mainstream animal tested products, but I still have a lot of those in my home, though I plan on ridding myself of a number of them. Those are a lot of major companies whose products are difficult to avoid.