Animal Shelters

  1. Hi guys. I posted this on another thread but I really want everyone to read it. Its so important to take action. Too many people believe government agencies actually care or that there are enough people actually involved who do care. Here was my post:

    The sad thing about animal shelters is that the funding for them is so minimal. They simply cannot afford to keep all these animals alive and cannot always find homes for them all. So whats the alternative? Let them starve to death? Or stop accepting new animals so they can take care of the ones they have? Its a frustrating situation. The Humane Society DOES NOT give one nickel to any local animal shelters. They are the biggest scam. Look into that for yourself. The best thing anyone can do besides adopting these little guys is to start fundraising for your local shelters and get involved in adoption days. VOLUNTEER, VOLUNTEER, VOLUNTEER! The government isn't going to do much - they have bigger fish to fry. Alot of people always say they wish they can do something - well you can. Forwarding e-mails isn't going to do it - protesting isn't going to do it - ACTION is going to do it. You need to physically go to the shelters and ask them what kind of help they need. Even if its just helping to take care of the animals - these places need bodies. Please don't sit home and cry. Get up and do something. Organize your community to put together neighborhood fundraisers - garage sales, bake sales, car washes, whatever - and give ALL the money to these places. Organize adoption days with local businesses. Do something! Most everyone here knows I am an animal keeper. I love animals. But I get frustrated when I see people not doing anything and just feeling bad. You can do something. Get up and do it!

    Sorry so long. I am very passionate about this.
  2. Great post, bagnshoofetish!
  3. are SO right!!! I remember reading in the local newspaper, before I moved, that the animal shelters could use donations of simple office supplies like paper, pens, etc. that way more of their $ could be used on animals.
  4. I wish people will stop buying animals from pet shops and look at adopting a pet from an animal shelter instead.
  5. bagsnshoofetish - You are so right about the volunteering!

    I had no idea that the Humane Society did not give any of their funds to local. This is quite appalling!
  6. Thanks for the great post! I love that you are spreading the word and making people more educated:smile:
  7. bagnshoofetish: An excellent post! :idea:
  8. This is so important! Great post. I volunteer a lot at our local organization (PAWS) and there is a never ending stream of animals that desperately need help.
  9. I know someone who recently bought a Bernese Mountain Dog (she actually drove 6 hours each way to pick it up!) - little does she know that there was probably a perfectly adoptable one she could have had, sadly maybe in a kill shelter(many people get rid of this type of dog b/c it's really hairy and big, but they are beautiful dogs, good family pets). The trouble with someone so blatantly ignorant is that you can't explain it to them - they have tunnel vision when it comes to this. A guy I know actually seems to care more about the pedigrees of his dogs than with the "pedigree" of his wife(and mother of his children)! What a sad, sad world it is sometimes.

    All my kitties have been foundlings, and I've had the best kitties you could ask for! The one dog that we did get from a pet shop was 6 months old, and free w/food purchase.
  10. ME TOO! Those pet shop dogs in the little box windows - ag! That is cruel and inhumane to me. And they come from puppy mills where they keep the ***** locked up having litter after litter - just using her like a machine. Often the pups come out having all sorts of health issues due to the mothers poor nutrition and not enough time between litters. Also, they can be very neurotic because they are brought up in very small quarters and then raised in a window! Hence, people end up bringing them to shelters because they cannot handle their neurosis. The mills need to be shut down and it should be illegal for pet shops to display them like that. Thank God for PetCo.
  11. "Thank God for Petco" - bagshoonfetish, how about sites like

    Do many people know about this? I just came across it a couple of days ago.

    Education is the key - someone said this in relation to another issue, I think it applies here as well.
  12. Unfortunately the Humane Society sponsors that website. They ask for donations but don't exactly tell you how those donations are going to help shut down the mills. Right off the top, the CEO of the HSUS makes about a 1/4 million dollars as head of this "non-profit" organization. The president of HSUS makes anoth 200 grand. They both also get "salary supplements" in addition to that. So no thanks. I'd rather find an organization that is actually going to do something about it. Its nice to use their info, but I wouldn't give the HSUS a dime.

    p.s. I would distribute the fliers and such but black out the HSUS donation info! Just get people to stop buying and making it profitable and they will stop selling!
  13. Didn't know that - thanks for the eye-opening info.
  14. anytime sistah! keep the faith!
  15. Lancaster County, PA is known as the puppy mill capital of the world. Because these animals bring in so much money to the economy, officials turn a blind eye to what's really happening out in Pennsylvania Dutch Country.