Animal Senses? (kinda long)

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  1. So im writing this as it just happened 5 min ago. Sorry it is kind of long but it made me very emotional and i feel the need to share...

    Im sitting at my computer looking through the forums here on TPF as Toby strolls into my room worn out and ready for bed (on my lap, of course just like every night.) He rests his head on my knee and waits for me to push the keyboard away to pick him up and set him on my lap. When he's on my lap usually he curls up and falls asleep resting his head on the keyboard pullout thing but this time he stayed sitting up and started staring at something above my monitor (it's a tall computer desks with shelving for books and what not) I look up in to the direction he's looking and he's staring right at my previous dog Tarzan's ashes.

    Let me recap a little on Tarzan...

    Tarzan was the first dog that lasted me and my family more than a few months, our previous dog's sadly all caught parvo. I was 11 years old when we brought Tarzan home. He was the runt of his litter, the outcast...slept in his food bowl instead of with his brothers and sisters. He was like a child to me for the 10 years he was with us. We had to choose to put him down due to what we believe was bone cancer July 2, 2006. It was by far the hardest thing i have ever had to go through in my life, but i knew he would no longer be in pain or in and out of the hospital. We chose to have him cremated and keep his ashes. When his ashes arrived and it was time to pick them up i almost regretted doing it because i felt as if it would be a daily reminder that he was gone. Soon i came to realize that it helped with the stupid as it sounds i talk to him still...even though he's in a 3 pound little box.

    In one day it will be one year of Tarzan's death...July 2nd.

    Continuing on...

    Toby continues staring at Tarzan without even blinking..I say..."What's wrong?... it's only Tarzan" as he continues to stare i grab the little frame with Tarzan's picture in it and show it to him...he then licks the picture looks up at me and rests his head down and falls asleep.


    Is it possible that maybe i got a little visit from my beloved Tarzan...and Toby sensed his presence? Do animals have that sort of sense? I have heard alot of animals sensing earthquakes and other mother nature disasters...but what explains this? It made me break down into tears all over again as if yesterday were July 2, 2006. :crybaby:

    Thanks for reading :heart:
    Here is a picture of Tarzan

  2. This story made me tear up :crybaby:. I think animals do have sense of how we are feeling. My moms dog would stay right by whatever family member was crying or upset. He would come over lean up against us and lick our face.
  3. I believe dogs have that kind of sense...and I heard dogs can see what we cant see either...I heard that since I was a little kid and I believe it till now. But I'm not 100% sure if its true.
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss sweetie :sad:

    I have to say though, that I believe animal have a 6th sense, for sure. They can read us much better than other humans can. They know when we aren't feeling well and they are extraordinary beings. I suggest getting Chicken Soup for the Animal Lovers, and you'll see that I'm not the only one who believes that animals have "special powers" :yes: There are tons of heartwarming stories about pets doing great things!

    About your dog, I'm sure he either sensed that you were really upset, or maybe even smelled or felt something! Who knows?
  5. Yeah, I am a firm believer of animals having that sixth sense.
  6. Oh gosh, this is so sweet. Yep, dogs know much more than we think.
  7. I was really undecided on whether to post this, but I will.
    Many years ago my husband and I had a couple of Dobermanns and even though they were 'our' dogs, the younger of the two adored hubby and hated to leave his side. One afternoon, I had been to the beach for an hour (hubby didn't want to go) and when I got home, the dog was inside going CRAZY. It was a little windy outside and I thought that may have scared her. But that wasn't it. She was howling, barking, panicking. I couldn't understand what was wrong with her and as I called my husband's name, I realised something was terribly wrong. He wasn't in the house anywhere. I let her out (we lived on a farm) and she went straight to the shed. She found him immediately. He had taken his own life and she knew he was gone. :sad: It is my belief that dogs certainly do have a sixth sense.
  8. animals are so ultra sensitive. we can't even begin to understand, much less explain alot of their behavior. they definitely have an acute sense for things we cannot see, hear or feel. their sense of time and seasons is acute as well. perhaps your kitty just remembers that this is around the time your doggie passed away - who knows?
    Dallas - I am so sorry! Your story really sank my heart. Much much love to you.
  9. Jenarae, Tarzan has such a sweet face! I do believe it is possible for animals to have a sixth sense, and I think these instances show just that.
    Dallas, I'm so sorry. *hugs to you both*
  10. Thank you Danica, he was a sweetheart all together...:sad:
    Dallas, im so sorry as well..::Hugs::'s the day and i went out and bought a beautiful arrangement of flowers and set them next to his ashes...i still can't believe it has been one year
  11. Aw, that story was so touching.
    It makes me tear up whenever I even think about my dog "leaving", as she's getting really old.

  12. I definetly do thinnk animals have a sixth sense...I am sorry about your loss, I had to put my family dog fluffy down bc he had cancer too, my mom swore she couldnt ever have another, but a yr later i got my puppy and he has been a light for my family (sorry for getting off topic) but sometimes i see bundles (my baby) just staring off where fluffy's bed used to be:wtf:.......Dallas I am sooo sorry for your loss :heart:
  13. Jenarae, I am positive your darling Tarzan knows how much you miss him, because his spirit is still with you and always will be. Hugs to you sweetheart.:heart:

    :heart:Thank you ladies for your kind thoughts. (It was many years ago. I was 21 at the time of his death so it will be 25 years this December).
  14. oh sweetie, one of my cats passed away over 11 years ago and I still cannot get myself to spread his ashes anywhere! He is still in a little box set out in a nice shady place in my garden.
    To this day, I can't let him go. Lots of hugs to you...:heart::heart::heart: I completely understand!
  15. Omgosh
    i just want to give you and your dog a hug!
    It's just too sweet, i teared up.
    I'm just so soo so sorry for your loss.