Animal Rescue Site Sale

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    click for free and sponsors pay for food and care. .6 bowls are donated with each click. I've been doing it daily for some time now. I know most wont be interested it is'nt exactly fashion forward, but they are having a Winter Sale up to 80% off. I'm getting the purple paw basic black tee for $10. I think it will be cute for when I go to the dog park.
  2. Thanks...I didn't know about this site. Will check out the sale section, looks like they have some cute stuff. :P I like that they are partnered with petfinder...that's how I found my dog!
  3. Thanks!!! I LOOOVE this site! Will always buy something if it helps the animals!!:tender:
  4. Thanks for posting! I have already found some great gifts for family and friends.
  5. Thanks for posting, it takes only one click to help an animal in need.
  6. I have the daily email reminder sent to me so I remember to click daily! I love this site!
  7. Thanks for posting, this is such a great site!
  8. I click every day too! It's a great site.
  9. great site - thanks