Animal Rescue Group Fundraising Ideas

  1. Good morning all! :tender:

    The local animal rescue group I am a member of and foster for are trying to work on new ideas for fundraising. We have done lots of unique things in the past but are fishing for new ideas.

    We are teamed up with a local photography studio (the BEST in the area - which is even more awesome!) and they donate their services for fundraising. So we have that to incorporate into events.

    Anyone in other shelters, rescues, animal organizations, etc. how do you raise money to support your group? Can anyone offer any suggestions?

    (I hope this is the correct place to put this thread!)

  2. Hello! Gosh, fundraising can be hard work....the Shelter I volunteer with has an amazing photographer who offers all new parents a professional shot of the new kid - that's an idea that works well.
    Some of the other things - raffles, auctions, a local supermarket is supporting one of the clinics this year, so there is the opportunity to go along at busy times and - hopefully - educate people whilst also collectng donations....Somebody ran the London marathon a while back and all the sponsorship money went to the clinc.
    Actually, I'll be really interested to hear what others have to say here. For me, fundraising is one of the most difficult aspects - I feel like every idea we have, somebody has done it before.
    Great idea for a thread, SouthernBelle!:flowers:
  3. My group does a variety of things throughout the year. We have bake sales, dress up as Santa and the Easter Bunny and take pics with pets and kids, participate in local parades, sell a variety of donated items (or part of the $$ is donated) including cat toys and beds. Car wash is popular. Good luck with your fundraising, it is hard work.
  4. Maybe not so good for raising $$$$ but I have asked gyms to donate the towels that go unclaimed and the ones that they no longer use for donating to shelters. Along that line I used to save newsprint for a gal I used to work with. She would donate it to a shelter. Apparently they put it to good use. Also getting Boy and Girl Scouts involved might be a good idea. If there is a college nearby getting the fraternities and sororities to help.....we were always doing things for different philanthropies
    IDK how much actual $$$$ these would raise, but IMO anything that raises awareness is good----and could lead somehow to donations
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Our group is meeting tonight to brainstorm ideas. I will be sure to let you guys know what we come up with so that maybe you can use it to in your area with your organizations. :biggrin:
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  7. The groups I've been involved with have done a lot of fund-raising events in conjunction with and at Petco stores. Petco's great and does a lot for rescue groups. I think they've done the Santa pet photographing thing there.

    They've sold cookbooks...T-shirts...calendars sold through local pet stores...raffled off gift baskets of pet supplies. They've held annual "dog fests" with parades, games, food, picnics, a giant rumage sale. They've asked members to pledge a small monthly amount, like $10/month, like PBS. I know some charitable groups have good luck selling nuts and candy.

    The local university lets charitable groups staff refreshment stands during sporting events and in exchange take home part of the profit.
  8. Our local Humane Society just had it's second annual purse auction. Last year's was ok but this year they were really proactive about getting donations and had a couple of department stores and designers (nothing fancy) donate items. They asked for gently used or new purses for people to donate and had various dropoffs around town that people could drop things off at. They also opened it up to jewelry this year. They hold it in a ballroom of a local hotel with appetizers and a cash bar. They raised about $1800 but we live in a pretty small town in a rural area so it's probably something that could bring in more money in a more populated area.
  9. Hey guys! Sorry I have been MIA for a while, super busy!

    Anywho, wanted to let you in on some upcoming fundraisers for my animal rescue group.

    In the summer we are doing a "White Party" dinner party where everyone will dress in whites. Cuban food, sangria(other alcohol beverages for purchase), a high end silent auction, and music. We are hoping for a great turnout!

    Also, we are doing a "Spay-ghetti and no-balls" dinner. LOL We haven't set a date for that yet but hoping it is a success!

    Has anyone been in the works on anything for your organizations? Or heard of any good ideas? :biggrin:
  10. omg lolz!
  11. That is hysterical Spay-ghetti... :roflmfao: We are having a Rita's Water Ice fundraiser. If you have a location near you it might be worth checking out.
  12. Krispy Kreme does a lot of fundraising too!
  13. Those all sound like great ideas!

    Best of luck :tup:
  14. A couple of ideas that our local rescue uses:

    Sponsor a Pen - A business can elect to pay the annual cost of feeding and maintaining one animal in a pen/cage/run - amounts vary, depending on size and whether it is a dog or cat etc. In return, their business advertising sign is placed on the door of the pen and their details also go on the rescue's website.

    Food Drop-Off Points - They have food drop of points near the checkouts of local supermarkets and grocery stores. (Just simple wire cages with a locked door and a slot in the top to place items in. The idea is that when you are shopping for your own pet, you get a couple of extra cans or packs and drop them in for the shelter.

    They also keep a "Please Help" page on the home page of their website. They have found that not everyone likes to give cash, as they are worried that cash donations don't always reach the target, but instead they have a list of everything they need in order of urgency. Not just food, but things such as flea and worming treatments, collars and leads, cleaning products, washing powder, bedding, office supplies etc, etc.

    Good luck!