Animal Print Bayswater Bag


What do you think of this bag?

  1. Love it. I’d buy it and wear it often.

  2. Enjoy looking at the pic, but would never buy it for myself.

  3. Hate it. What was Mulberry thinking?

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  1. Many handbag lovers at some point in their life consider buying an animal print bag. But I think most of us reconsider--or chicken out, lol. What do you think about this Mulberry Bayswater animal print bag? Would you wear it?

    (Pic from Nordstrom. It's made of calf hair.)

    Mulberry Bayswater Animal print bag.JPG
  2. Sorry but I hate it - it looks fake somehow!:push:
  3. It's funny, but I would never wear it
  4. Don't apologize. I just thought it would be fun to post this pic and read everyone's opinion. :yes: I'm not necessarily considering buying it... I'm not quite sure what I think.
  5. I have never seen this before - its interesting to see, Mulberry are certainly getting more 'creative' :yes:
  6. For an animal print bag, its sort of "tame" actually. :p The Bayswater style is simple and the pattern itself is kind of subdued; not too outrageous compared to some over-the-top animal prints I've seen.
  7. Oh, and did I mention its $1,995???? There are a lot of other $2,000 handbags I'd rather have before this one, to be sure. But I MIGHT wear this.
  8. I'm in the minority, but I really like it! I have a tooled Bayswater and it's a great bag.

    However, would I buy it? Don't think so...calf hair is too fragile and for that price it would have to be a bag I put in heavy everyday rotation!
  9. Here are some other leopard-print bags currently on the market...





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  10. I kind of like the combination of the clean and classic bayswater with the leopard pattern - I find it an impossible combo, but fun. Would never wear it myself, but it might be right for someone else. I can picture this bag together with a super sleek black suit, it would be too much with jeans or black leather, imo.
  11. I think if you have money to burn go for it, otherwise I feel that this animal print has a very limited trend life.

    I consider the Bayswater a classic so it's kind of an oxymoron to say "timeless trend" or "classical trend" LOL
  12. Well said. I think that appeals to me too.
  13. Love it. Wouldn't buy it, own it or been seen out with it BUT it's a great bag for those who it would suit. Ladies who lunch? Fashionista's? Trendy city dwellers? I think it takes Mulberry to a completely new customer, as does this season's purple patent leather. Not for all but that said, Mulberry Darwin might be a bit too tame for the leopard lovers!
  14. Mulberry is really having more trendy looks this season. More colors, new materials etc. I'm big fan of basic oak darwin, but I can understand why they are doing this.

    So, ok bag and would look great with right outfit. But not really my piece of cake :yes:
  15. Not for me. I think it looks tacky.