animal print bags?

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  1. If tastefully done, do you guys think of animal print bags? I bought this really cute leopard print tote from Ralph Lauren the other day, and I think it is cute, but I don't want to look too tacky... any opinions? Thanks!;)
  2. I think they are fine as long as its not overkill, I recently bought a black leather clutch with an animal print scarf attached its very cute :yes:
  3. I like a little bit of animal print with an otherwise plain outfit (like an animal print bag with jeans and a neutral color sweater), but too much can be scary
  4. i like animal print, but that depends on the design too :P
    can u post pics?
  5. I bought the leopard print bag from Forth & Towne a couple of weeks ago, and am loving it. It's big, it's bold and definitely makes a statement.
  6. I think they look great with the right outfit. Personally, I'm not a fan for myself. I see them in so many ads and fashion spreads in the magazines--it's one of the hottest trends now!
  7. I think they're DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, leopard is my favorite. I purchased a Valentino model. If you really want to drool go to Raffaello's and check out the D&G's leopard purses. Yes they are hot now and they'll cool off in poplarity, but animal skins never really "totally" trend out.:love:
  8. This is what it looks like. I think it will be cute to carry stuff in for school or something...
  9. Animal prints are not so much me but I like them on others. I think I just generally find myself wearing prints and patterns mixed in with much of my clothing and a patterned bag on top of this can be too much.

    I do like my bags with animal print-lining, though. Its like a fun happy surprise inside. Maybe its sort of like a mullet for bags? Just change the old saying to, "all business on the outside, party on the inside"?
  10. i adore them and they are the new classic, actually have been for some time....especially leopard. I recently bought the new Kathy Van Zeeland leopard tote, large, holds tons, has the dangly charm thing going on, but is light on your shoulder (and only $80 -- figured i can't be a total bag snob LOL...was Chaneled and Diored out lol) and Kathy Van Zeeland's bags are adorable. Anyway, imo, if an animal print bag, that should be the only animal print item on onself......anything more loses the "look" and falls into the category of maybe still fashion, but not style.

    (but these are just my opinions! :smile: )
  11. Love animal prints. Love them. Discretion is needed... animal prints are best when applied sparingly.
  12. Thanks everyone for your input! I really appreciate it!

  13. Right now you can go to NM and look at the new animal print bags from D&G. They're canvas for the upcoming, warmer, weather.

    It's all I can do to keep my mouth from gapping open.
  14. Thanks, susieserb!
  15. I used to always say, not for me....but there are a few growing on me....egads!