Animal lovers, please read

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  1. Hi, have any of you heard of Wiccaweys Rescue Border Collies and Working Sheepdogs in Warwickshire, England?

    Paul and Sarah have been absolutely brilliant in rescuing abandoned or stray border collies and working sheepdogs and then trying to re-home them but they do have to rely a lot on the generosity of donors. In order to keep the refuge running, they have made many personal sacrifices. For instance Paul has had to try to sell off as much as he could of some of his beloved sports shirt collection – Paul is a fan of Liverpool Football Club, like me) . This is akin to one of you having to sell your beloved bags, all for the love of some stray, abandoned doggie waifs.

    Hopefully, some of you will be able to spare some time to visit their website to look at the exceptional work they do and to “meet” the beautiful dogs they have rescued.

    I’ve not been lucky enough to meet Paul and Sarah and their dogs (and cats) – yet. But through the magic of the internet (I don’t just visit ebags and this blog, you know :biggrin: ) I’ve been able to read about amazing dogs like Granddad Brynn, the late and much loved Princess Liberty Bassett and gorgeous young Arthur.

    If you know of any animal lovers who might be interested to learn about Wiccaweys and help, could you please forward the link to the Wiccaweys website to them.

    Many thanks.

    If only there were more Sarahs and Pauls in this world ...
  2. Aww, good for them! That's great that they are able to do that. If I could i'd start up a Chihuahua rescue here in Memphis because there isn't one. As of now I neither have the money or resources. :sad:
  3. Danica, thanks so much for replying.
  4. that's very sweet. i volunteer at an animal rescue here in la. although i wish i could go to england and meet those dogs. they all look adorable. hopefully one day...
  5. Aww, that's wonderful! I'm very proud to say that most of my pets are rescues, I get so upset when I see them in shelters and stuff.

    Danica, how many chihuahuas do you have? I have 3.
  6. Hey, no problem!

    I have one Chihuahua at the moment...I got her in September...She is the love of my life. :smile: I want to get another very soon, and I've looked through I have found one who was rescued from a puppy mill...But I'm not sure if I can adopt any of those dogs because at the moment our roomates have a Rottweiler, and usually they wont allow that. We're looking into buying a house relatively soon, but "Goldie" will be ready in about two months after she nurses her pups. P.S. Kenzie the Rottweiler and Maya get along great.
  7. Hope your wish will come true, Eskimo. Could you please tell us more about your animal rescue work?

    BTW I love dogs but actually prefer cats :biggrin:
  8. Hoodster, how many pets do you have?

    I do realise that there are many animal rescues/shelters all over the world doing an excellent job. But Wiccaweys (to me at least) is special, not least because of Grand-dad Brynn.

    In Sarah's words (posted on the rykat forum):

    "Princess Liberty Bassett was a very special little girl, and very much loved by Brynn.
    Libby was a puppy farm reject. When she came to us she was so small she could fit on the palm of Paul's hand. Libby was brain damaged, with limited sight and hearing. As she grew she lost her sight and hearing completely. Brynn took Libby under his wing and taught her as much as he could. He would take her for walks up the garden with Libby hanging on the end of his tail for guidance. As Libby grew, her jaws became stronger - and we had the fateful day when Brynn came in from the garden with Libby attached to his tail as normal. Libby let go and Brynn started to wag his tail. Blood went everywhere, and his tail was at a strange angle! Libs had chomped a bit too hard. Brynn was all' "stuff and nonsense - sort the young'un out, it's just a scratch!" He had to have the end amputated, and lost his white tip.

    Libby developed epilepsy, and Brynn would be there for her through the fits. He was always there for her. Brynn and Bruno together would keep her safe until the fits passed.

    Libby crossed the bridge at just 11mths old. Brynn was broken hearted."

    In the "Rainbow Bridge" section of the Wiccaweys website, you can read more about Libby. Sarah and Paul's love for a gorgeous little bassett hound shines through the account.
  9. Danica, I hope you get your second chihuahua really soon :biggrin:
  10. Bumping this thread in case there's any bag-loving dog-lover living in Warwickshire or thereabouts who might have spare terracotta plant pots, dog collars or leads etc. Thanks in advance.

    Wiccaweys wish-list for April:

    April Wish List.... as requested by MrsB
    « Thread Started on Apr 4, 2006, 3:18pm »[SIZE=-1][​IMG] [/SIZE]Big Wishes for April!

    Petrol Mower for the garden, front and back

    Small Tractor/Ride-On Mower for the fields.

    Smaller Wishes for April!

    Wooden Benches - garden variety for strategically placing around the place/fields for volunteers/visitors etc

    Terracotta plant pots.... to make Wiccs look inviting from the front! I have some plants, but nowt to plant them in at the moment.

  11. Good for Paul & Sarah, wish there were more people like them! :smile:
  12. That is awesome I love it when people help animals (and people)...Happy our pug was a rescue too and it is a great feeling to help these adorable creatures. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Passerby, thanks for posting. I constantly donate money to animal shelters & all those kind of institutions... my mother and her friends are also kind of "animal rescuers" and the last addition to my family in Buenos Aires is a dog (called "Brisa") my mother "adopted" during her summer vacations.
    All our dogs came from the street (and the cats too!!). My cat in Amsterdam comes from an animal shelter... I guess we have a soft side in the family when in comes to animals :shame:
  14. Chloehandbags, happypug and Cece31, thanks for your replies.

    Chloehandbags, Sarah and Paul love what they are doing, and one of the things that stand out about them, as far as I am concerned, is their sense of humour. :biggrin: If you ever happen to be in the vicinity of Wiccaweys, please drop in to meet an amazing bunch of people and dogs. I hope to be able to do so in the next year or two.

    Happypug, it's good to know that your dog is a rescue dog. How old is Happy?

    Cece31, thanks for posting about the animal rescuers :biggrin: What's the name of your cat?
  15. I love animals, get teary eyed at every animal movie. It's so good to know I'm not alone. I have one cat right now who my sweetiepie! We even have "our song" ---You are the sunshine of my life. He's a sand colored tabby who "knew that I was lonely" and "came to my rescue." ;)