animal love story, this is so beautiful, please watch!

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  1. Omg this is amazing!!!!
  2. I just love them and their story!
  3. oh my god, this is amazing! i showed my mom too and it made the both of us cry :heart:. animals are such an inspiration.
  4. Loved it!!
  5. Loved it! "she even lets her rub her tummy...with her foot" haha! how sweet. I love elephants (and dogs) :rolleyes:
  6. omg i am in tears. this is beautiful!
  7. ...this is just precious! Thank you, for posting the link....
  8. Wow, Amazing!:love:
  9. That is incredible. Thank you so much for posting the link.

    "If they can do it, what's our excuse?"
  10. OMG that video is amazing. I cried as well!! What a great story. Thanks so much for posting!!
  11. That is so sweet. I cried. I love animals.
  12. Awww, omg that is sooo sweet.
  13. This is why I love animals so much!!:heart::heart:
  14. Awwwww that's awesome. I love stories about interspecies animal love. Even w/ the most unlikely animals you see this sometimes. Thanks for sharing!